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ARMS Direct live stream, blog

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Today’s ARMS Direct will be kicking off in about an hour from now. The presentation should go live at 3 PM PT / 6 PM ET / 11 PM in the UK / 12 AM in Europe. Along with new information on ARMS, Nintendo will debut a new Splatoon 2 trailer.

You can watch today’s broadcast as it happens below. We’ll also be adding in information that comes in as a live blog after the video embed attached to this post.

– Weight and attributes factor into the arms you choose
– Heavy arms: slow but strong
– Multi-hit arms: successive hits deal less damage
– Choose whether to dodge a punch or block it with your own
– 7 types of attribute types
– Fire, electric, wind, ice, stun, explosion, blind
– Different arms have different attributes

Nintendo has just announced a new Direct presentation focusing specifically on ARMS. However, a new trailer for Splatoon 2 will be included as well.

The presentation will take place at the following times:

– 3 PM PT
– 6 PM ET
– 11 PM in the UK
– 12 AM in Europe

It’s been a long while since the last general Nintendo Direct. Today, Nintendo is finally hosting a new presentation that will reveal news for both Switch and 3DS. Arms and Splatoon 2 are the focus, though we should be seeing other games as well.

You can watch today’s Nintendo Direct as it happens below. We have streams for all three versions: North America, Europe, and Japan. On top of that, we’ll have a live blog going below – big thanks to Zack for handling that for me. Important news will receive separate posts on the site.

Enjoy the Nintendo Direct! According to the Japanese stream, it will run for about 35 minutes.

North America

A new Nintendo Direct is set to air on Wednesday, Nintendo has just announced.

The upcoming presentation will have news about both Switch and 3DS. However, it will be primarily focused on ARMS and Splatoon 2, Nintendo says.

Broadcast times are below:

– 3 PM PT
– 6 PM ET
– 11 PM in the UK
– 12 PM in Europe (Thursday)

The news about this week’s Nintendo Direct was published on Twitter:


If you missed any part of today’s Fire Emblem Direct, we have you covered. You can watch the presentation in full below.

Today’s Fire Emblem Direct will kick off in an hour from now. The broadcast is set to begin at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET / 10 PM in the UK / 11 PM in Europe. You can watch the presentation live below. We’ll also have new posts on the site for annoouncements.

Nintendo has indicated that we’ll at least be seeing its new Fire Emblem game for mobile. On top of that, we may hear something about Fire Emblem Warriors. The broadcast should be about 21 minutes long.

Update: Very quick update for you. Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter page says the Fire Emblem mobile game will be revealed.

Original: A Fire Emblem Direct was announced last week as part of the Treehouse Live stream. The presentation has now been officially confirmed, with Nintendo stating that multiple titles will be featured.

You can expect the Fire Emblem Direct to begin at the following times:

– 2 PM PT
– 5 PM ET
– 10 PM in the UK
– 11 PM in Europe

The Treehouse Live stream indicated that Fire Emblem Warriors would at least be featured. Another possibility is the inclusion of the Fire Emblem mobile game.

Source 1, Source 2

A Fire Emblem Direct will be held on January 18, Nintendo has announced. The news was just shared in the Treehouse Live stream.

It will be held at the following times:

– 2 PM PT
– 5 PM ET
– 10 PM in the UK
– 11 PM in Europe

It sounds like we’ll be hearing more about Fire Emblem Warriors next week. Perhaps we’ll see the mobile game as well.

The latest Nintendo Direct focusing on Miitopia just wrapped up. If you weren’t able to watch the presentation live, you can catch up on the full recording below.

Miitopia Direct live stream (11/5/16)

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Today’s Miitopia Direct will kick off in an hour from now. Nintendo’s presentation will begin at 4 AM PT / 7 AM ET / 11 AM in the UK / 12 PM in Europe.

You can watch the broadcast as it happens below. If any major news is delivered, we’ll have it here on the site.

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