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Nintendo Direct

Nintendo is gearing up for its latest Nintendo Direct, this time focusing entirely on Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The 25-minute presentation will cover the Switch game in detail.

You can watch the Nintendo Direct as it happens below, which is set to start at 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET / 2 PM in the UK / 3 PM in Europe. We’ll report back with any notable news during and after the broadcast ends.

Nintendo will host a new Animal Crossing Direct on February 20, the company has announced. It will feature roughly 25 minutes of information about Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The presentation will go live at the following times:

For those that missed any portion of today’s Pokemon Direct, the full presentation has now been posted online. We’ve included it below.

The first Nintendo Direct of 2020 is dedicated to Pokemon, and the festivities will be kicking off soon. Today’s Pokemon Direct goes live at 6:30 AM PT / 9:30 AM ET / 2:30 PM in the UK / 3:30 PM in Europe. It will last roughly 20 minutes.

You can watch the Pokemon Direct as it happens below. We’ll be adding news to the site throughout the presentation, and you can expect more coverage once it ends.

Nintendo was expected to kick off 2020 with a Nintendo Direct, but perhaps not one specifically focused on Pokemon. Yet that’s what we’re getting on Thursday. Nintendo has been coy on what exactly we’ll be seeing, though we may have a better idea about plans for the presentation.

A German press release for this week’s Pokemon Direct mentions Pokemon Sword/Shield in its headline. Specifically, the broadcast will apparently have new details regarding those Switch games.

The new Pokemon Direct airs on January 9. If Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are present, they probably won’t be the only games discussed.


Hello, my DLC fighters! In today’s episode of NEP, we’re in Tokyo for upcoming Tokyo Game Show. Please excuse the audio quality as we gush about the Nintendo Direct that slayed us. Destiny is the Animal Crossing of Shlooters, Overwatch.Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, new Kirby, Pokemon curry and new designs that are dumb- we love them. SNES games on Switch finally. And Animal Crossing is the cyberpunk of non-binary accessibility options. And Oni goes wild for Xenoblade. And so much more.

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Today’s Nintendo Direct will be starting in an hour from now. Nintendo will be kicking off the broadcast at 3 PM PT / 6 PM ET / 11 PM in the UK / 12 AM in Europe.

As previously mentioned, the Nintendo Direct will focus in 2019 games. Expect to hear more about Pokemon Sword/Shield, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and many more games.

You can watch the Nintendo Direct as it happens below. We’ll also have a live blog going past the break. Finally, new posts will be added to the site throughout and after the presentation.

A new Nintendo Direct will be held tomorrow, September 4, Nintendo has just announced. The roughly 40-minute presentation will focus on games for 2019, including Pokemon Sword/Shield and Luigi’s Mansion 3.

It will go live at the following times:

Prior to the official airing of the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct, select members of the media were able to view it earlier in the week. But in that particular presentation, the event ended with the announcement of Banjo-Kazooie in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. As we know, the true Nintendo Direct concluded with the reveal of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s sequel.

Obviously the new Zelda is a huge announcement, and it’s something Nintendo wanted to keep under wraps. Given the copious amount of leaks surrounding E3 this year, you can’t really blame them for leaving it out. Nintendo did have an embargo in place, but likely didn’t want to take any chances.


Yesterday, we heard from Japanese streaming site Niconico that the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct would last approximately 40 minutes. Nintendo has now officially confirmed that length. The presentation, which will focus on Switch games launching in 2019, will indeed be about 40 minutes long.

You can catch the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct on June 11 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM in the UK / 6 PM in Europe. We’ll carry the live stream here, and we’ll also be running a live blog.