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Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology

News leaked out last night that Atlus is localizing three games for 3DS: Etrian Odyssey V, Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology, and Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux. The company has now followed up with official announcements.

Etrian Odyssey V is coming this fall. As we reported last night, the other two are coming in early 2018. Etrian Odyssey V and Radiant Historia will be fully voiced in English while Strange Journey Redux will retain its original Japanese voices.

Trailers are posted below, along with overviews.

Atlus has a third 3DS game coming west. In addition to Etrian Odyssey V and Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux, Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology is also getting localized. It’s planned to hit North America early next year. Deep Silver has been publishing Atlus’ games in Europe, and that will likely continue here as well.

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology is yet another localization announcement leaked through a test page. Atlus should be following up with official news soon.


Atlus prepared a new Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology trailer today that highlights more of the RPG’s characters. We’re able to get a look at representatives from the nations of Celestia, Forgia, and Cygnus. View today’s video below.

Famitsu has new coverage of Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology this week with a two-page article. Two elements in particular are covered: the Sub History and Prison of Time. Read up on the details below, courtesy of RPGSite.

Sub History

– Access Sub History straight away in Perfect Mode
– Nemesia also shows up at the story prologue
– Newcomers to Radiant Historia are recommended to choose the Append Mode, where Nemesia doesn’t show up at prologue and the Sub History would be accessible only after the first two histories have been cleared
– Two new episodes from Sub History introduced (see below)

“The Saint Speaks”

– Nemesia has been searching for a material called Artifact to prevent the continent from turning into a desert
– When she visits the Alistel city, the founder and ruler of Alistel, Prophet Noah is giving a speech
– However there are rumors that people who plan to assassinate him have slipped in

“The Promise Crosses Over Time”

– Looking for the Artifact which is the key in stopping the desertification of the continent, Stocke and Nemesia visit Granorg, the world of possibilities
– Searching for a certain pendant while gathering information

Prison of Time

– New extra dungeon
– Access it after reaching a certain point in the game
– Available once an event with the guide of Historia, Lippti, is triggered
– Dungeon is a dangerous place with strong enemies
– Items cannot be used here
– Beating enemies in the Prison of Time will reward Moment
– This is a special currency that is only usable at this location
– Collect Moments and speak with the Time Jailer to trade with precious items that cannot be bought in ordinary shops
– There are items that can only be obtained with Moment trade, such as the Secret Scroll that allows characters to learn Support Skills, which are also new to this game


Atlus prepared a third character trailer for Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology. This time around, we have a video focusing on the characters from the Granorg kingdom. View the trailer below.

Atlus published another new Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology character trailer today. The latest video shows off characters from Historia along with the new Sub-History scenario. View the trailer below for a look at Lippti, Teo, and Nemesia.

Atlus issued another update about Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology today. Along with a bunch of screenshots, details were sent out primarily covering different areas, characters, and the battle system. Everything’s been rounded up below, courtesy of Gematsu.


– Simple society formed by the Satyros in the forests cast of Alistel
– Led by their Patriarch Barranca
– The Satyros have power over Mana and are protected by a holy tree suffused with it
– The Satyros that love to dance are mainly jovial and filled with curiosity
– Over the centuries, the Satyros have continued to isolate themselves from humans
– In contract to the Gutrals, who have completely severed ties with humanity, the Satyros still enter human settlements from time to time and participate in cultural exchanges
– Formally, though, Celestia has broken off diplomatic relations with humans
– Celestia is protected by a magic barrier, so humans can’t enter

Vanoss (voiced by Tomohiro Tsuboi)

– Leads a troupe of travelling performers which includes Aht and Liese
– Always a gentleman and acts as Aht’s “Uncle Vanos”
– Happy with his life as a wandering performer, but he is personally acquainted with the Patriarch of the Satyros, and seems to have his own agenda

Atlus released some new artwork and screenshots for Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology via 4Gamer. Take a look at them in the gallery below. By the way, did you know that the English website for the original DS game is still up? You can find it here – there, you can read the biographies of some of the characters and compare the artstyle used in the original game with the one in the 3DS remake.

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Atlus uploaded a new trailer introducing a variety of characters in Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology. Stocke, Raynie, Marco, Rosch, Heiss, Kiel, Sonja, Viola, Raul, Hugo, and Noah are all featured here. View today’s video below.

Atlus uploaded a first commercial for Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology, releasing in Japan on June 29. View the advert below.


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