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Super Mario Run

The Gold Goombas event is back up and running in Super Mario Run. Starting today, these Goombas will appear in World Tour, and can be defeated for bonus coins. You can obtain 30 bonus coins per Gold Goomba you defeat.

This event will end on August 31.


The Loads of Coins event is back up and running in Super Mario Run. Players have until August 10 to participate.

When you win in Toad Rally, you’ll receive 1.5 times as many coins as usual. Getting involved will allow you to rake in even more coins.

Super Mario Run is once again featuring the Friendly Run event. Players will receive Rally Tickets when playing Friendly Run, even when they lose. The event runs until July 27.

Super Mario Run players can begin to obtain special Super Mario Odyssey items. In total, four different ones are being offered.

Items are as follows:

Cappy Statue – 2,000 coins (starts June 13)
Captured Goomba Statue – 1,000 coins (stars June 15)
Captured Hammer Bro Statue – 1,500 coins (starts June 17)
Captured Chain Chomp Statue – 3,000 coins (starts June 19)

All of these items will be available until July 6.

While not officially announced, we can pretty much say that Super Mario Run will be adding Super Mario Odyssey crossover items at some point in the future. An image, attached to this post, was spotted in official assets from Nintendo. We’ll bring you more details when we have them.


Nintendo brought back the Loads of Coins event in Super Mario Run during the middle of April. Now players have the opportunity to participate once again. Until June 15, you’ll get 1.5 times as many coins as usual when you win at Toad Rally.

Nintendo has updated Super Mario Run on both iOS and Android. Both versions are now at version 2.1.1.

As the small increase in version numbers suggests, this is a small patch. Nintendo merely addressed a problem where the support code 804-3400 would be displayed and the game wouldn’t start.

Super Mario Run players can participate in a new Friendly Run event. Each time you give it a try, you’ll earn Rally Tickets regardless of whether you win or lose.

The number of times you can play each day is based on the progress made in World Tour:

– Haven’t cleared World 1: one time
– World 1 cleared: three times
– World 2 cleared: five times

The Friendly Run event will be available until June 1.

At the end of March, Super Mario Run was sitting between 10 million and 50 million downloads on Android. The game has climbed up since then, as it’s now between 50 million and 100 million downloads, according to the Google Play store. We don’t have a specific number, but Android users continue to download the game.


Beginning last week, Nintendo has been holding a special Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Release Event in Super Mario Run. Players have been tasked with playing Toad Rally a certain number of times in order to unlock special statues.

The deadline was May 11, yet all goals have been reached several days in advance. The full lineup of rewards are as follows:

– 10 million plays: Banana Statue
– 20 million plays: Banana Statue
– 30 million plays: Blooper Statue
– 40 million plays: Mario Kart Statue
– 50 million plays: Switch Statue

Nintendo will be distributing theses rewards beginning on May 12.

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