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A personal undertaking of mine recently has been taking screenshots of Metroid Prime 3 and translating them into 3D. I began to wonder a few days ago, “What would Metroid Prime look like if Retro Studios developed the Prime so that the experience was similar to virtual reality?” To be honest, I do think that there is a possibility that one day, we will see games in a real 3D environment. How amazing would it be to see a Metroid coming out of the screen and leeching forward at you? Metroid Prime 3 is probably one of the better choices to view in 3D, as it is from the first-person perspective, and the game itself was superb. Of course, you will need 3D glasses to view the images, but they are not very expensive (I’m talking about the Red/Blue glasses) and often come packaged with DVDs and comic books. Also, if anyone has a request for a different series in 3D, or more Metroid Prime 3 images, let me know via the contact form and I’ll do my best to put them on Nintendo Everything (possibly a weekly/monthly feature?!) And hey…Perhaps Retro Studios could somehow include real 3D (head-tracking?) if they did decide to make a bundle of the Prime games while reworking the original two.


– 3D glasses necessary to view in 3D (Red/blue recommended)
– Give your eyes a minute to adjust to the 3D – I promise, it works!
– Some images work better in 3D than others
– Original images were not taken by myself
– In the future, I may try to investigate a way to make the images 3D without the need of 3D glasses.



















Weekly savings

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Best Buy

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Wii) – $39.99

Circuit City

Summer Sports (Wii) – Free $10 gift card with purchase
Showtime Championship Boxing (Wii) – $9.99
Cake Mania (DS) – $9.99
Chicken Shoot (DS) – $9.99
Scooby-Doo: Who’s Watching Who? (DS) – $9.99
4 Game Pack – Battleship, Connect 4, Sorry!, Trouble (DS) – $9.99
New Super Mario Bros. (DS) – $29.99
Mega Brain Boost (DS) – $14.99
The World Ends With You (DS) – $29.99
M&M’s Kart Racing (DS) – $9.99
ALS Mini Purse Carrying Case for DS – $4.99
MAD CATZ Think Pink Tech Pack for DS – $14.99
NAKI G-Pack Carrying Case for DS – $14.99

The game ships on PS3, 360 and PC later this year, but a complementary DS title is also in the works. ‘It’s connected to the game in a very interesting way, but it’s not a port. A complementary experience, shall we say?’ And the prospect of a Wii Version? ‘We ported Two Thrones to the Wii. It was a quick and dirty port, i can say. With that we saw a lot of potential. The controls were not fully optimised, did not take full advantage of the Wii, but a lot of people saw the POP universe could certainly have a home on Wii. Since then people have been looking into that, but there’s no formal announcement. We are investigating it very seriously. You would never see a port of the game we’re making however. That’ll never, never happen.’ – Ben Mattes, Ubisoft



– takes place in mid-evil times

– Travel to various locations in order to help King Roland save his kingdom

– more character interactions

– goal-driven gameplay

– ability to build outdoor objects as well (bridges, fences, and more)

– same building tool as the original MySims

– motion-based activities (chopping trees, and more)



It wasn’t a good sign that some of the most important staff members were leaving Retro, but this should be an indication that the company will remain intact.







Okay, this might not have been the best way to analyze the winner for this console generation. As many may have assumed at this point, this data was collected by Google Fights. The Wii does, however, has the most pages on Google according to this service, followed by the PS3 and  Xbox 360 in that order. To be honest, I don’t think there will ever be a real way to declare a winner, especially with all of the arguments between each side, but hopefully things like this will lighten the situation for video gaming fans.


* Akella
* Atari Inc.
* CAPCOM Entertainment, Inc.
* Codemasters
* Crave Entertainment
* Crave Entertainment
* Disney Interactive Studios
* Eidos, Inc.
* Electronic Arts
* Konami Digital Entertainment America
* LucasArts
* Microsoft Corporation
* Midway Games, Inc.
* MTV Games
* NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.
* Nintendo of America Inc.
* SEGA of America
* Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.
* Sony Online Entertainment Inc.
* Square Enix Inc.
* Take-Two Interactive
* THQ, Inc.
* Ubisoft Entertainment Inc.

Activision will not be attending, though the company has confirmed that a special event of its own will be taking place during the E3 time frame.


First day sales in Japan

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Link’s Crossbow Training 36k ( 150 shipped )
Emblem of Gundam DS 13k
Hitman REBORN DS 12k
Family Stadium Wii 4600 ( 10% of shipped copies )


ESRB rates Earthbound

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In this month’s issue of Nintendo Power, it became clear that people want to see Earthbound on the Virtual Console. Perhaps we’re one step closer to seeing this happen, as the ESRB has rated the game. At this point however, I would be cautiously optimistic, as previous games that have been rated on the ESRB have yet to see a release.


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