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We’ve all heard stories of patients in hospitals playing their DS’ and using their Wiis for fitness and health, but now, Nintendo’s handheld will be taking an extra step in helping the medical profession get things done. A new software being developed by Community Engine will soon be implemented to help doctors and nurses monitor their patient’s health without the hassle of dragging around a clipboard. “Suguroku DS” can be used to record important medical data such as temperature, blood pressure, and various other vitals that could be key in saving a life; or curing a child’s stuffy nose. This data can then be transferred directly to a computer where it can be further distributed.

“Suguroku DS” is scheduled to go on sale in Japan in June of 2009, and will sell for a price of 40,000 yen, or $400 USD.


The most recent update to the “Expanded Information” section of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’10 Wii page contains an interesting new detail; the game is reportedly going to include an all-new disk golf mode, where players can apparently play disk golf on all 27 courses included in the main game.

If this is true, I think it is safe to expect that the extra mode will be using WiiMotion Plus and will have multi-player support.

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Hope you all are doing well on this lovely evening (if you live in the Eastern Time Zone). You might have been surprised when you read that the Official Nintendo Magazine news story (see news items below) was not written by me. Yup, that’s right – Austin completed that news post. Austin and I have been discussing his role on the site and we both agreed that he should help out a bit with news posts. Generally, I leave the site at around 10:30 EST to relax…You know, watch a Yankee game (even though they’ve gotten off to a dreadful start), and unwind from the day’s events. But now the news won’t stop then. Austin will be taking over the site once I leave during that time and will be posting news as well. I’m not sure how long he’ll be posting for, but you can at least expect articles to flow in until – I assume – 11:00 PM EST.

On days that I simply need a break (I promise there won’t be many of those) or leave for a short vacation (won’t be many of those days either!), the site won’t die like it used to. Fortunately, Austin will also be able to run things in my absence. I’ll still be posting news regularly and my schedule won’t change, but it will be great to receive some additional assistance.

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It has been stated a few times over that Thursday night’s episode of GameTrailers TV bring Nintendo fans a new Punch-Out!! trailer. On top of that, however, there are apparently a few more surprises in store. President and COO of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime “brought some presents” and “love” for the upcoming show which includes a world exclusive. The announcement is probably Punch-Out!! related, but even if you’re not a fan of the game, there will be Wii MotionPlus and E3 talk, according to Geoff Keighley’s twitter.

More Tales of Graces info

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– 30% complete
– Battlefields considerably large
– Asbel has a personality of a leader
– Inomata’s designs can be in 3D for the first time
– Connection between magic/skills is different
– Skills used with normal attack button
– Illustration/logo has an important hint


The Bigs 2 trailer

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– Control key parts of game with Wii remote
– Move cursor over items/people
– When you point, a sound is made – indicates what can be picked up
– Control viewpoint + menu selections with IR
– Wii remote controls for Chibi Tools (shake/move Wii remote)
– Releasing later this year