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LTD sales for Wii, DS titles

Posted on 14 years ago by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News, Wii | 1 Comment

Nintendo DS

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness
Total: 2.54 million
4/2008 ~ 9/2008 Japan: 0
4/2008 ~ 9/2008 Overseas: 2.54 million
Life-to-date Total: 4.12 million

New Super Mario Bros.
Total: 1.73 million
4/2008 ~ 9/2008 Japan: 150,000
4/2008 ~ 9/2008 Overseas: 1.58 million
Life-to-date Total: 15.89 million

Mario Kart DS
Total: 1.67 million
4/2008 ~ 9/2008 Japan: 200,000
4/2008 ~ 9/2008 Overseas: 1.46 million
Life-to-date Total: 12.12 million

An updated release date list provided by Nintendo brings us a couple of interesting tidbits. First, GameCube re-releases, which were never confirmed for a North America, will indeed be made available (Pikmin and Mario Tennis at the very least.) Interestingly, “Hosni no Kirby” is listed as well, which can only mean that there’s a Kirby game for Wii on the way…Right?! Well, we’ll see.

The updated list also shows that Punch-Out should be releasing in the first half of 2009 in North America, and Sin and Punishment 2 is still on track for 2009.

North America, Europe listing

PSP 60,467
Wii 24,292
DS Lite 22,965

Xbox 360 7,844
PS2 6,962
PS3 3,931


Deadly Creatures details

Posted on 14 years ago by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii | 1 Comment

– Game was delayed to make sure there was enough polish
– Combat and camera systems revamped since E3
– Enemies block and evade your attacks
– Game no longer uses manual targeting
– Frame rate isn’t fluid as of now
– There could be more games like Deadly Creatures
– Will be available for the holidays


Gamers know that Punch-Out and Sin and Punishment 2 are on the way. But does Nintendo have anything else up its sleeves? The answer seems to be yes if mysterious words from Nintendo software engineer Peter Watts are to be believed. Watts recently stated, “I am not allowed to specify the game titles we’re working on, as it is still confidential until it is revealed to the general media through the appropriate channels. There are two main titles being developed at the moment, which is all I will say.The projects we are working on at the moment can all be deemed as ‘hardcore’ really.” Kirby for Wii? The new Pikmin Miyamoto was referring to? Who knows, though as long as Nintendo has any say in the development of these two titles, we can be left assured that they will impress.

Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse (VC)
Devil World (VC)
Ghosts ‘n Goblins (VC)

Thanks to Jack for the news tip!

“Support has been excellent – more than you might expect from other companies that work in the games sector. Everything they tell us is very useful.” – James Brooksby, head of Kuju’s Doublesix studio

“Apple has been fantastic to work with. We have worked with other manufacturers that that won’t tell you anything.We’ve found that they don’t just like games but also toys and entertainment software – especially as a means to differentiate the product from others. The message I get is that they are quite happy to push for the little small developer as long as the little small developer is pushing out the quality games.” – Mark Ettle, Cobra Mobile’s CEO

I can’t speak for Nintendo, but I assume the situation with the iPhone is much different than it is for the Wii and DS. We’ve heard from developers that Nintendo’s support has been fantastic – notably High Voltage Software and the devs of World of Goo. So I suppose Nintendo isn’t exactly terrible when it comes to supporting other companies/developers.


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