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For the first time ever, fans of the innovative action-packed Dragon Ball franchise will be able to experience the origin of the game, and Goku and Bulma as kids, in Dragon Ball: Origins, out November 4 on Nintendo DS. An essential and unique part of any Dragon Ball collection, this action-adventure game is filled with several new Dragon Ball elements including various styles of gaming like puzzle solving, fighting action, and mazes.

The single player game follows Goku and his clever sidekick Bulma as they travel the world overcoming enemies and obstacles, along with their many friends, to collect the 7 Dragon Balls. All the characters have unique special powers that helps guide them along in the story of Dragon Ball Origins including:

Family Game
1) Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
2) Mario Kart Wii
3) Super Mario Galaxy

Handheld Game
Legend of Zelda
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

Mobile Game
Bejewelled 2
Metal Gear Solid Mobile
Guitar Hero III Mobile

Gradius Rebirth (Wii) – E
SimAnimals (DS) – E
Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia (DS) – E

Well, it looks like we can expect Gradius Rebirth to arrive in North America sometime soon!

“Specific plans will be unveiled by our local subsidiaries, but in autumn or year-end launch would probably be too late.” – Satoru Iwata

Reggie said North America wouldn’t see the DSi until at least April 2009 and Iwata believes that the system shouldn’t be launched in autumn. Summer starts in June, so perhaps the DSi will be released in May next year. Definitely much later than our friends in Japan, but at least it won’t be arriving in December next year!

“Perfect for the half term rainy day”
The Times Newspaper England

Street date and Price structure announced

Stourbridge, England, 31st October 2008. The world is going through one of its most crazy periods with the banking systems in free fall, governments passing more terrorist laws as they claim the bad guys are sitting behind our settees waiting to pounce on us – and America arguing about who should run the free world in the 21st Century. So, you could say that the future’s pretty gloomy?……. NOT SO! Why not call a few mates round, grab your putters, choose your characters and aim for the entrance to the windmill in a multi-player game of Crazy Mini Golf?

Data Design Interactive – a successful video games publisher and games developer, are pleased to announce that the street date and price structure for their Nintendo Wii game entitled ‘Kidz Sports – Crazy Mini Golf’ to be released on their Popcorn Arcade label, The game will ship in England on 7th November and the UK price will be standalone version £19,99 and bundle pack with putter peripheral £24,99.

Art Style – 6 games, 500 points each

WarioWare mini-games from Made in Wario for the GBA, 200 points each

Train line maps

Utsusu! Made in Wario: Can take a picture of yourself with the DSi camera to use in the game. 500 points, available for launch.

Made in Ore
It’s basically Made in Wario but you make your own minigames. Actually you can make your own music, graphics, pretty much everything, including programming the logic and making your own “game cassette”. This is a package game and connects to…

Asobu! Made in Ore
WiiWare game. You can upload the minigames you made in Made in Ore to your Wii and play them on the big screen with friends.


LTD sales for Wii, DS titles

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Nintendo DS

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness
Total: 2.54 million
4/2008 ~ 9/2008 Japan: 0
4/2008 ~ 9/2008 Overseas: 2.54 million
Life-to-date Total: 4.12 million

New Super Mario Bros.
Total: 1.73 million
4/2008 ~ 9/2008 Japan: 150,000
4/2008 ~ 9/2008 Overseas: 1.58 million
Life-to-date Total: 15.89 million

Mario Kart DS
Total: 1.67 million
4/2008 ~ 9/2008 Japan: 200,000
4/2008 ~ 9/2008 Overseas: 1.46 million
Life-to-date Total: 12.12 million

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