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New NBA Jam trailer

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More confirmed characters:

Clyde Drexler
Kevin McHale
Denis Rodman
Hakeem Olajuwon
Detlef Schrempf
James Worthy


In the video, you can see a deer Pokemon, Shikijika, the evolution of Minezumi (Miruhoggu) and a swan/stork-like Pokemon, who currently unnamed.


Here’s what UK marketing manager James Honeywell said about the price of the 3DS. Keep in mind that, of course, he was mentioning UK prices of the DSi/XL.

“Price, we haven’t made any kind of announcement at the moment, but the Nintendo DSi is available for around 129.99. The Nintendo DSi XL, with the larger screens, is around 159.99. So obviously it’s going to fit, somewhere, kind of, within that kind of architecture.”

Well, that sounds pretty interesting. It doesn’t sound like the 3DS will cost consumers too much. At least we should finally find out for sure in about two months!

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Thanks to Robert for the tip!

We’ve seen just a tiny bit of this footage before, but most of it is new.

Fractured Soul trailer

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Two videos of the 3DS

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Hudson Entertainment’s unique platformer Lost in Shadow for the Nintendo Wii will be officially unveiled in North America on January 4, 2011. Today for the first time, Hudson Entertainment is proud to reveal a new feature in the game: Materialization.

While the main character is indeed a shadow boy, on occasion in the game he will need to become a creature of light to achieve his ultimate goal. The boy’s shadow is able to acquire multiple swords, which not only help him defeat enemies but allow him to enter certain areas that were restricted by the Tower’s Keeper. The “Watchman’s Sword” allows the boy to manipulate both light and shadow by cutting a door in reality. Doing so opens areas that the boy can travel to as a being of light and can manipulate physical objects for a limited period of time.

Source: Hudson PR

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