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This information comes from Nintendo Power…

“Yes, definitely [improved graphics were a priority]. We wanted to do things that were not possible on the previous handheld. For example, I’m developing Nintendogs + Cats, and I really wanted to realize the sense of fur on the pets.” – Hideki Konno

Honestly, I was shocked when Kid Icarus: Uprising was revealed. I couldn’t believe that it was running on the 3DS. Aside from Uprising, though, there are equally impressive games on the way like Resident Evil: Revelations. Capcom even stated that the trailer they released a few months ago was running in real time.

Eiji Aonuma on the significant of Skyward Sword’s title and how it relates to the original piece of artwork…

“Did you happen to watch the trailer? That last scene where Link dives off the big cliff and goes flying through the clouds is a key hint as to the connection between the game and the Skyward Sword title.

Link lives on Skyloft, a series of floating islands that are above the clouds. He’s a normal kid living up on these islands above the clouds, but then an incident occurs and Link is forced to travel to the land beneath the clouds. This other world below the clouds has been captured and is being ruled by evil forces. So he has to go down there and start his adventure. The juxtapositon between the two worlds is very important.

What leads Link on this adventure is the Skyward Sword and when that Sword is actively guiding Link, it actually transforms into a feminine figure. I wouldn’t say that it’s female per se but it’s a feminine figure.”

Another look at the 3DS

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Irrational Games comments on 3DS

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This information comes from Nintendo Power…

“Great, now my beside table is going to have an iPhone, an iPad, and a Nintendo 3DS. I think the question for how much attention the new Nintendo hotness will get is, like always, based on software, on games. Is somebody going to be able to make the darn thing sing? Or is it going to be a shovel-ware extravaganza (but now in glorious 3D!). Nintendo makes insanely good first-party stuff; we’ll see if the rest of us devs can follow suit.” – Ken Levine, President and creative director, Irrational Games

It’s interesting to hear how Mr. Levine feels about the 3DS, as he hasn’t been involved with Nintendo hardware at all. Perhaps one day he’ll consider making some software for Nintendo’s next handheld.

One particular rumor about the 3DS has now been debunked. A few months ago, EA’s Ryan Stradling hinted that the portable would have an achievement system. However, Harald Ebert of Nintendo confirmed at GamesCom that the handheld probably not support such a feature. Instead, it sounds like it will be up to developers to include achievements in their games individually.

Ebert also stated that the design of the 3DS isn’t final. We’ve actually heard conflicting information about that a few times now. Hideki Konno previously indicated that the system will look the same at launch while Reggie Fils-Aime noted at E3 that the design had yet to be finallized. So I suppose the 3DS could change slightly, but don’t expect a drastic overhaul.


1. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
2. Kirby’s Epic Yarn
3. Metroid: Other M
4. Donkey Kong Country Returns
5. Epic Mickey


1. Pokemon White Version
2. Pokemon Black Version
3. Super Scribblenauts
4. Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Miniland Mayhem
5. Professor Layton and the Unwound Future


1. Paper Mario
2. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
3. Mario Kart
4. Kid Icarus: Uprising
5. Star Fox 64 3D

Headstrong Games, a Nintendo supporter since 2005, has confirmed that they are working with the 3DS. According to Development Director Steve Pritchard, the company is hard at work on three titles for the system. Although nothing has been confirmed outright, it’s possible that one of the 3DS projects is being made for Nintendo based on the relationship the two companies maintain. Perhaps there’s a chance that they’re developing a Batallion Wars title for the handheld. In any case, expect a few 3DS announcements from Headstrong Games sometime in the future.

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Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono on Super Street Fighter IV 3D’s control options…

“We are currently working hard on researching the possibility of having two control options. One would be targeting people my age, entering 40, who played on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It will allow them to play it as they used to on the Super NES. We are going to support them by providing an interface on the touchpad so they can play not knowing how the game used to be played. By providing two different options we hope to reach a broader audience.”

Ono discussing the 3D effect in the game…

“When you put the 3D slider on max the game will be between looking into the (game world) and the characters jumping out at you, so you can distinguish the background and characters very clearly.”

Ono mentioning that the gameplay will be just like PS3/360 versions…

“The gameplay we can port perfectly from the PS3 and Xbox 360 version and we’re not going to subtract anything out of that. It is how we adjust the graphics that will help people remember what sort of game they used to play in the 90s.”

Ono on why Super Street Fighter IV is being brought to the 3DS…

“If you remember Street Fighter II back in the 90s, so many people used to play that game, it was a massive phenomenon. We tried to bring that back with Street Fighter IV, on the PS3 and Xbox 360, but that game couldn’t contain everyone who played Street Fighter II. Then we tried to extend our reach with the PC and the iPhone versions. While we were working on those Nintendo came to us with this confidential project about the 3DS and we felt this was a perfect opportunity for us to reach out to those we missed with the other iterations. Hopefully this will bring back the rest of those players.”

There is also one other interesting detail Ono revealed. His team is hoping to implement an idea that would make Super Street Fighter IV 3D look like a 2D game when the 3D effect is turned off via the depth slider.


3DS pictures

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The Sims 3DS details

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– EA wants to get the game out for the 3DS launch
– Different camera angles highlighted by 3D
– Face-mapping feature
– Possible to take a photo of yourself and place it on a Sim
– Nothing has been announced yet regarding online functionality

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