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TOKYO, JAPAN – 16 June 2010 – NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. today announced it has five titles in development for Nintendo 3DSTM, the recently announced portable gaming device from Nintendo Co., Ltd. which employs stereogram technology.

With final title names, detailed game information and release dates to be revealed at a later date, the five titles in development are as follows:

“Three years ago when we started working on the 3DS screen, I knew I wanted to work on version of Ocarina of Time. I felt that if you were running around in those fields in 3D, you’d really feel like you were there in Hyrole.” – Shigeru Miyamoto

Well, that’s no surprise, really! Even though the DS had just been released a few years years prior, Nintendo was already working on their next handheld. That just goes to show they’re not lying when they say that they’re always working on new hardware!


– Real-time, but not playable
– 60 FPS
– Mario and Luigi look at each other when they’re close (head + eyeball rolling)
– They’ll glare at each other
– Wii Sports Resort, Peach’s Castle tracks
– Blossom petals fall and in the player’s face on the Peach’s Castle track


We’ve posted these screenshots already (except one), but Nintendo has officially released higher-quality/larger images. You can check them out below.

There was some confusion game about today’s Kingdom Hearts announcement for the 3DS. Thankfully, Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto cleared up the confusion on his Twitter account.

“KH3D is a completely original title. With this and KHRc, two KH games will appear on portable game machines. Everything begins from this video [shown at E3].”


“Zelda fans, one more thing… We’re proud to introduce The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D!” – Nintendo of America Twitter

Well, guys…How do you feel about this? Personally, I’m incredibly pumped! Perhaps my most anticipated DS title already!

– Sora and Riku are sitting by the starfruit tree on Destiny Islands
– Riku disappears, Sora calls after him and runs around the island
– Locale shown off, looks just like the PS2 game
– Sora has the glide ability already, flies around the island
– Riku then shown walking up Traverse Town, he steps into a courtyard which is occupied by Heartless
– Riku looks up and the sky starts raining Soras
– One of the Soras lands and takes out his Keyblade, he takes on Heartless
– Once the Heartless are defeated, a big soldier Heartless boss appears
– Sora then snaps awake on Destiny Island, Kairi is with him by the starfruit tree


More 3DS pictures

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HUDSON SOFT CO. will participate in developing exclusive titles for Nintendo’s upcoming portable system, the “Nintendo 3DS™,”. HUDSON SOFT is thrilled to have a chance to work with the new system, which will allow players to experience a game in three dimensions without any optical peripherals.

“We are anticipating that this new system will allow us to create great new content for Hudson fans,” said Dai Kudo, Director of Consumer Products. “The Nintendo 3DS is going to change the way games are experienced, and we look forward to playing a part of the initial movement into this new dimension of entertainment.”

HUDSON SOFT is currently developing a new installment of the Bomberman franchise for the handheld system, a trademark IP that has sold more than 10 million units throughout the franchise’s history. HUDSON SOFT is also developing a new title in the 3 million-unit-selling sports-compilation franchise DECA SPORTS, along with a new game in the ball-rolling Kororinpa franchise.

Hudson Entertainment is the North and South American subsidiary of Hudson Soft, an international provider of games and entertainment content founded in 1973. Hudson Entertainment focuses on three key businesses: console retail games, digital download content, and music. Hudson introduced best-selling videogame franchises including Bomberman, Bonk, Military Madness and Deca Sports. Through numerous partnerships with record labels, Hudson has become a leading provider of digital music and video content. For more information on Hudson Entertainment, please visit