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Days of Doom

Original (5/25): Atari today announced Days of Doom the next entry in its lineup of original games. Switch will be getting it by the end of 2023.

Days of Doom, developed by SneakyBox, is a tactical turn-based roguelite that takes place in an unorthodox post-apocalyptic world. It features “quirky characters, unexpected enemies, and intense, engaging combat set against a vibrant and eerie backdrop.”

Original (6/5): Today, publisher SayGames and developer Estoty announced that a Switch version of My Little Universe is in development. We should be seeing it later in 2023.

My Little Universe is a cozy worldbuilding sandbox adventure and god simulator in which players take a sterile promontory and turn it into a blooming planet with digging, crafting, mining, and building. Additional details are included in the following overview:

Yet another crossover has landed in Brawlhalla, with the game teaming up with Bandai Namco’s fighting franchise Tekken.

Devil Jin, Nina Williams, and Yoshimitsu are here. They mirror the abilities of Zariel, Lucien, and Jiro respectively. Signature FX, lock-in animations, and dedicated roster spots are a part of the collaboration.

These characters aren’t all there is though. Also available is a new Buddy Emote – Tekken Arcade Cabinet, a KO Effect featuring Panda, six Avatars, and five Emoji Skins featuring more characters like Heihachi Mishima, King, and Ling Xiaoyu.

Hamster has announced Zing Zap as the latest Arcade Archives game on Switch. A worldwide release is planned for September 7, 2023.

A shooter released by Allume in 1992, the objective is to defeat the evil empire by operating a 1P aircraft with fast vertical movement speed and a 2P aircraft with fast horizontal movement speed. The game will also give you various power-ups and special moves to clear stages.

Arcade Archives Zing Zap will cost $7.99 / €6.99 / £6.29 on the Switch eShop.

Chants of Sennaar launch trailer

Focus Entertainment and Rundisc have prepared a launch trailer for Chants of Sennaar. The game, a puzzle adventure experience, lands on Switch today.

Learn more about it in the following overview:

Just Crow Things

Original (8/19): Unbound Creations, the developer behind Rain on Your Parade, has unveiled Just Crow Things as its next project – and it’ll be on Switch. The studio is still figuring out launch timing, but 2024 is “likely”.

Just Crow Things is officially described as a “sandbox-y adventure game” and “a wholesome yet mischevious birb simulator”. Additional information can be found in the following overview:

Solar Ash Switch release date

Solar Ash, the action platformer from publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer Heart Machine, has now been confirmed for Switch. On Nintendo’s console, the game is slated for September 14, 2023.

Solar Ash was thought to be bound for Switch after ratings popped up earlier this year. However, this is the first official confirmation we’ve received.

For those that need a refresher on the game, check out the following overview:

One Night: Burlesque

RedDeerGames today announced One Night: Burlesque, a new in-house indie game. It’s due out later this year on Switch.

One Night: Burlesque is a detective-style crime story featuring a unique noir setting. In the visual novel, the fluff of peacock feathers and sequins darkens under the influence of crime lurking in the shadows.

Here’s some additional information:

Company of Heroes Collection

Today, Feral Interactive announced that the studio is developing Company of Heroes Collection for Switch. A release is planned for this fall.

Company of Heroes Collection includes the base game and both expansions – Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor. It will be single-player only at launch, but a post-release update will add multiplayer.

Bem Feito

QUByte Interactive and oiCabie are teaming up on Bem Feito, a new life sim game for Switch. A release window has yet to be shared.

Bem Feito has also been said to offer horror, creepypasta, suspense, adventure, and Alternate Reality Game (ARG) elements that reference fiction and the real world. It features “a narrative of a lost game in which it would have been released for an old and fictional video game” and “the player will have to play with Reginaldo and carry out various tasks in his daily life, like fishing, cooking, gathering fruits, watering your flowers and so on.”

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