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Naheulbeuk's Dungeon Master trailer

Naheulbeuk’s Dungeon Master debuted today, and a final launch trailer has arrived. Dear Villagers and Artefacts Studio are showing off their diabolical dungeon management sim.

Everything you need to know can be found in the following overview:

Thank Goodness You're Here

The latest EDGE review scores for issue #400 (September 2024 issue) are as follows:

Overwatch 2 Transformers collaboration

Another collaboration just appeared in Overwatch 2, and the game is now teaming up with Transformers.

Players can get their hands on themed skins and join legendary Autobots and Decepticons as they bring their epic battle into Overwatch. Outside of skins, themed event and special rewards have been added.

Here’s some additional information about what’s featured in the Overwatch 2 x Transformers collaboration:

Uno Party! Mania DLC

Today, Ubisoft that its Uno game for Switch was just given new Party! Mania DLC on Switch. This is available right now on the eShop.

An added twist of extra action cards and all-new special rules are included in the DLC. We have more information about it in the following description:

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B-Project Ryuusei Fantasia release date

June 7: PQube just passed along the final release date for B-Project Ryuusei Fantasia. For those in North America and Europe, it hits Switch on July 15, 2024. The physical version follows on July 26.

B-Project Ryuusei Fantasia actually launched on Switch way back in 2021 – but only in Japan. PQube then announced plans to localize the visual novel this past February.

Rec Room

Rec Room, which is already available on a wide variety of platforms, is now on the way to Switch.

Rec Room lets users create, share, and play games as well as other digital experiences. It offers a variety of games and activities, from cooperative adventures and creative building tools to competitive sports and custom player-created rooms.


Fueled Up

No Gravity Games, in partnership with Fireline Games, today announced plans for a new Switch version of Fueled Up. The title launches on July 18, 2024.

Fueled Up is a co-op spaceship recovery game in which players need to fuel, fix and rescue damaged spaceships before the evil space octopus gets its tentacles on them. More information can be found in the following overview:

Primal Survivors

Afil Games will release Primal Survivors on Switch this week, the studio has announced. The title launches on July 11, 2024.

Primal Survivors is a top-down shooter and is also described as an action roguelike. Players will take on the role of a prehistoric boy as they defeat hordes of primal creatures to survive in the jungle.

Further information can be found in the following overview:


Ratalaika Games, in partnership with Crescent Moon Games, announced today that they’re putting Deathchron on Switch. It’ll be ready to go on July 12, 2024.

Deathchron is a side-scrolling action platformer set in an alternate reality in which robots have taken over. You’ll play as a young hero looking to ensure the future is different.

Here’s an overview of the game:

Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open release date

Today, Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open received its final release date. Chorus Worldwide Games and Cellar Vault Games say that it’s hitting Switch on September 5, 2024.

Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open was first announced for Switch in 2022. Despite being planned for the following year, we’ll now finally be seeing it in a couple of months.

Here’s an overview of the game:

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