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Sky Force Reloaded will soon be available on Switch. Get an early look at the title with the gameplay video below.

World Heroes 2 is this week’s NeoGeo game on Switch. For a look at it in action, check out the video below.

Earth Wars arrived on the Japanese Switch eShop earlier today. It’s now out in Europe as well, and Nintendo’s website lists the game’s launch for tomorrow in North America.

Somewhat confusingly, Earth Wars already came west under the English name Earth’s Dawn. The western version was originally handled by Rising Star Games. But since One or Eight is in charge of the Switch release directly in North America and Europe, they’ve decided to keep the original title. In all regions on Switch, the game is officially called Earth Wars.

Here’s a brief overview:

“In the year 2020 the world has become a nest for the unknown hostile organisms (E.B.E.). No current weapons appear to make any impact on the E.B.E. leaving humanity powerless, and on the brink of destruction. However, humanity has now got one last hope for survival in the development of bioarmor which fuses the EBE’s body tissue with metal. These are the Special Enhanced A.N.T.I troops who have incorporated this weaponry with remodeling surgery. With the power of the A.N.T.I., humanity for the first time successfully destroys the EBE Baron class. In the wake of this victory, humanity has mounted a large-scale counteroffensive. With the hopes of the new strength of the A.N.T.I.”


7th Beat Games has confirmed that Rhythm Doctor is coming to Switch. A release is planned for later in 2018.

Rhythm Doctor is a one-button rhythm game in which the goal is to hit the appropriate button on the seventh beat. In doing so, you’ll save patients in a hospital while learning music and rhythm theory at the same time.

Here’s some additional information and a trailer:

The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya was added to the Japanese Switch eShop today, with English subtitles to boot. You can see what the visual novel has to offer below.

A new update has arrived for Dragon Fang Z. If you’ve downloaded the game previously, you can get your hands on version 1.0.3.

Today’s update primarily implements some fixes and adjustments. For the full patch notes, continue on below.

Boxy Racers is among a smattering of titles to have joined to the Switch eShop in Japan today. Take a look at some footage below.

Nintendo has published yet another list revealing the top sellers on the eShop. This time around, we have results for the most downloaded games in Europe last year.

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition was the top seller in 2017. Stardew Valley and Rocket League are right behind at #2 and #3 respectively.


D3 Publisher’s Tennis has made it to the Japanese Switch eShop, and will be released tomorrow in North America and Europe. Have a look at some gameplay below.

Earth’s Dawn (otherwise known as Earth Wars in Japan) is now available on the Switch eShop. Get a look at some footage below.

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