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Wii U eShop

What’s this? Wii U sales on the North American Wii U eShop?! It’s true!

Three titles have now been discounted on the store as part of today’s update. Trine 2: Director’s Cut can be purchased for $15.99 through January 7, Little Inferno is available for $9.99 until January 4, and Chasing Aurora can be downloaded for $7.49 up through January 3.

This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content:

Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS™
Wario Land 2™ – In Wario Land 2, Wario must steal his treasure back from the devious Captain Syrup and the Black Sugar Gang. Scavenge for coins and treasures through multiple levels surrounding Wario’s castle. Multiple paths, bonus games and creative game play await Wario as he goes on a challenging quest to find his stolen treasure. Wario Land 2 was originally released for Game Boy™ Color in 1999 and is now available as a Virtual Console title for the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS.

escapeVektor™ – Vektor has been trapped inside the CPU for what feels like an eternity and you are his only hope of escape. As he travels through the CPU, help him recover his memories and destroy the different enemy types sent to hunt him. There is a whole world to uncover within the CPU. Hiding away are 150 levels, 27 worlds and four unique abilities to unlock and upgrade. Online leaderboards allow you to compete against your friends. Use wildcards to double your score in each level and boost your ranking.

Following the release of Nano Assault Neo, developer Shin’en will continue its support of the Wii U eShop. The studio said that Neo only “scratched the surface”, with two more projects planned. Shin’en is currently working on a game “in the racing genre”. A sequel to WiiWare’s FAST – Racing League, perhaps?

And speaking of Nano Assault Neo, it’s one of the company’s “fastest selling games ever”. Shin’en will bring its first update to the downloadable title soon, which Manfred Linzner says “will fix a display problem in the online rankings, and a minor issue when the GamePad does disconnect.”

“We’ve already submitted a first patch to Nintendo that will fix a display problem in the online rankings, and a minor issue when the GamePad does disconnect. To our knowledge there are no restrictions in such updates by Nintendo.”


This week’s Japanese Wii U and 3DS eShop updates are as follows:


3DS Downloadable Titles
Project X Zone DEMO (Version A and Version B) – FREE
Gurutoo Splash (Fluidity: Spin Cycle) – 1,200 yen
Dasshutsu Adventure Majo no Sumu Yakata – 800 yen
Bird Mania 3D – 200 yen
peakvox RiRiRhythm (Peakvox Really Rhythm) – 500 yen
Tongari B?shi to Mah? no Machi (retail title) – 4,980 yen
Nicola Kansh? Model Oshare Audition Platinum (retail game) – 5,980 yen

Virtual Console
Spelunker (Famicom) – 500 yen
Doru?ga no T? (The Tower of Druaga, Famicom) – 500 yen

Wii U

Wii U Downloadable Titles
Simple Series for Wii U Vol. 1: The Family Party (retail title) – 2.940 yen
Sports Connection (retail title) – 4,200 yen

Video Content

Dragon Quest X Chotto Nintendo Direct
Fluidity: Spin Cycle video
Dasshutsu Adventure Majo no Sumu Yakata video


Nintendo of Europe has done a standout job with eShop sales thus far. 3DS VC titles have been discounted regularly, and even Wii U eShop titles have started to see temporary price drops.

The same can’t be said for the situation in North America. Sales have been few and far between, and the Wii U store has yet to see a single discount.

One does have to wonder why there haven’t been any Wii U sales yet. Broken Rules co-founder Felix Bohatsch recently wrote on Twitter that the studio would like to have a sale for Chasing Aurora, “but we can’t yet”.

Bohatsch tweeted:

“We’d love to put @Chasing_Aurora on sale in the US as well, but we can’t yet… you’ll have to ask @NintendoAmerica what the exact reasons are…”


Trine 2: Director’s Cut could be just the start of Frozenbyte’s Wii U support. Sales and marketing manager Mikael Haveri has said that the studio is “very interested” in working on the console once more.

“We are very interested in working on it again. Who knows, but if everything goes well maybe even sooner than many might suspect.”

Haveri also commented on sales of Trine 2: Director’s Cut thus far. Haversi said the title is selling “fairly well according to our calculations”.


SEGA and Double Fine’s The Cave was finally playable on Wii U during a press event last week. On Nintendo’s console, players can expect the GamePad to act as a character selector and means of controlling the camera. If you tap on a character, you’ll jump to them. If you double tap, the camera’s focus moves to them. Characters do not move independently off-screen in the game.

Double Fine’s Chris Remo said the following about the Wii U version of The Cave:

“So other than that, it pretty much plays like all the other versions. We did work really hard to ensure that visually everything you’re seeing is identical to the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, so there’s no downscaling, there’s nothing going on that is not up to par with the other next-gen systems. There’s nothing super wacky going on, but it’s a completely full-featured version of the game.”


The latest Wii U eShop charts are as follows:


1. Trine 2: Director’s Cut
2. Nano Assault Neo
3. New Super Mario Bros. U
4. Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition
5. Little Inferno
6. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
7. ZombiU
8. Scribblenauts Unlimited
9. Assassin’s Creed III
10. Darksiders II
11. Chasing Aurora
12. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge
13. Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition
14. Nintendo Land
15. Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition
16. Madden NFL 13
17. Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth
18. Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper
19. Just Dance 4
20. Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two


1. Nintendo Direct: December 5, 2012
2. Trine 2: Director’s Cut Video
3. Nano Assault Neo Video
4. Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth Video
5. New Super Mario Bros. U Video
6. Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition Video
7. Chasing Aurora Video
8. Scribblenauts Unlimited Video
9. Little Inferno Video
10. ZombiU Video
11. Little Inferno Video 2
12. Darksiders II Video
13. ZombiU Video 3
14. Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition Video
15. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge Video
16. Puddle Video
17. Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition Video
18. ZombiU Video 2
19. Rabbids Land Video
20. Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper Video

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