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[Nintendo Everything Podcast] – episode #43 – Gamescom: WE DO IT! (feat Avalanche Reviews)

Posted on August 25, 2019 by (@Oni_Dino) in Podcast

Hello, my Chocobos and Cactuars! This week on NEP, we’ve got the simultaneous worst and best episode yet! We’ve got Jared of Avalanche Reviews guesting in, but Galen’s mic crapped out once or twice, so his commentary is a little light in a few spots.

But Jared is here to get super nerdy with us about upscaling output video on retro consoles, as all three of us bond over Resident Evil and the best boys of YouTube. In particular, Jared talks about getting the best picture possible out of the SNES, N64 and GCN consoles; the Framemeister; and technical nonsense of video and retro graphics explained in easy-to-understand detail.

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  • 03:13 – Jared of Avalanche Reviews talks starting out on YouTube, how he grew his channel, what was the spark to start the Resident Evil Retrospective and his success story. Then we all bond over Resident Evil!
  • 21:13 – Jared teaches us about upscaling video output on our old consoles, like the SNES, N64 and Gamecube.
  • 36:42 – The struggles of being a YouTuber, streaming on twitch VS YouTube, and the algorithm gods.
  • 52:28 – Astral Chain launches next week! Let’s talk impressions and thoughts with all the gameplay footage we’re getting out of Gamescom. Jared freaks out that Galen can go to a brick and mortar to rent games in 2019. Japanese game development over the years.
  • 1:01:13 – The Witcher 3 aka the Switcher. And Jared dukes it out with the Switch. Getting over pride, admitting when you’re wrong, and taking opportunities to learn.
  • 1:16:28 – Final Fantasy VIII Remaster. What QOL additions will we see? How the visuals stack up to a video output nerd like Jared. Also, using video games in Japanese as a means of learning written language. Oni’s beef with text and text boxes.
  • 1:29:21 – Remothered sequel happening, and friendship forms through coincidental YouTube viewings, and mutual love for Thor High Heels.
  • 1:32:24 – Indie World! Ori and the Blind Forest, Hotline Miami Collection, Superhot, so much more. And a lovely mention of Suda51 and how hit or miss he is, but we love creativity. More creative, crazy developers, please. Also, less of Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers. Superhot discussion leads into Labo VR talk, badly received games like Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Then why being objective about media is important, and admitting when things aren’t for you/your demographic though it may be for other people.
  • 1:57:01 – Additional DLC, Destiny lore, SNES Drunk, Super Derek and trading games through the mail.

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