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Hotline Miami Collection

Hotline Miami Collection

While the Switch version of Hotline Miami Collection was previously offered physically through Special Reserve Games, it will soon have a more widely available release. Retailers have started putting up new listings and there’ll be a new opportunity to make a purchase. We’ve included this in our pre-order updates but wanted to ensure that the news had greater visibility.

Note that Hotline Miami Collection will come with a couple of goodies. You’ll receive a double-sided artwork and booklet with over 30 pages of art.

The new physical version of Hotline Miami Collection is listed for release on July 16. Pre-orders are open on Amazon here, Best Buy here, and GameStop here.

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During yesterday’s Indie World Showcase, Hotline Miami Collection was announced and released for Switch. It’s currently available just as an eShop download, but that will be changing in the future.

Special Reserve Games has revealed that it will offer a physical copy of Hotline Miami Collection. The company hasn’t shared further information including any sort of release date, but we’ll keep an eye on things and will report back when we hear more.


Hotline Miami Collection

GameXplain has shared some footage from Hotline Miami Collection, which was announced and released for Switch earlier today. View the gameplay below.

The acclaimed action games Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2 are coming to Switch in the form of Hotline Miami Collection, publisher Devolver Digital and developer Dennaton Games have announced. The news was shared during today’s Indie World Showcase presentation.

Here’s an overview of Hotline Miami Collection, along with a trailer:

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