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Wario Land: The Shake Dimension (Wii) – 10,000
Siren (PS3) – 20,000
Pawapro Baseball 15 (PS2) – 50,000
Pawapro Baseball 15 (Wii) – 15,000
Sora no Kiseki 3 (PSP) – 20,000
Kateikyoshi Hitman (NDS) – 20,000
Bully (360) – 5,000
Bully (PS2) – 5,000
Twilight Syndrome (NDS) – 5,000
Infinite Loop (PSP) – 2,000
Guitar Hero 3 (360) – 1,000


Latest EGM review scores

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The latest EGM review scores are as follows:

SoulCalibur IV – A, B+, B+
Madden NFL 09 – A, B, A-
NCAA Football 09 – A-
Beijing 2008 – B
Alone in the Dark – B-, D+, C-
Izuna 2 – B-
Guitar Hero: On Tour – B-


In a video interview with MTV, Reggie Fils-Aime provided a remark regarding Nintendo’s involvement in WiiWare. “When we developed WiiWare our focus, as we discussed, was on smaller developers, brand new content, different types of content. Will we put out the occasional first-party WiiWare? Absolutely. But it’s predominantly meant to be much more exploratory, experimental and for these brand new third-party developers.” Basically, it seems as though Nintendo is stepping aside to let smaller third-party developers step in. The stance of the company makes sense, but how many games will we end up playing? So far, there have been three WiiWare titles partially developed by Nintendo, although none of them have been handled by an internal development team.

PSP 74,024
DS Lite 54,531
Wii 40,803

PS3 11,253
PS2 9,535
Xbox 360 4,208



Unlike the GameCube’s wavebird controller, the Wiimote drains the energy of average batteries at a rapid pace. No official rechargeable batteries have been developed by Nintendo, and in such the dirty-work has been left for third-parties to tend to…Until now. Nintendo, in agreement with Sanyo, will begin to create rechargeable batteries for the Wii controllers in Japan. On average, the batteries will take 220 minutes to charge with a six hour limit. Fortunately, Wii controllers will be able to remain covered with gloves, which will surely save a lot of hassle. Also encouraging is that charge stations can be linked together so that the controllers can be charged sequentially. As of now, this product will only be available in Japan, but as is the case with most technology os this kind, we are hoping that a similar creation will eventually release in other markets.



PopCap’s Mega-Hit Peggle™ Coming to Nintendo DS® This Winter

Q Entertainment Tapped to Adapt Top Casual Game of 2007for Nintendo’s Market-Leading Handheld

SEATTLE, Washington – July 25, 2008 — PopCap Games Inc., the leading developer and publisher of casual video games, today announced that later this year the company’s mega-hit game Peggle™ will be available for Nintendo DS®. During his keynote presentation at CGA Seattle yesterday, PopCap CEO David Roberts provided an early glimpse of the DS version of Peggle, which is expected to hit North American retail shelves in Winter 2008 and carry an MSRP of US$29.95. In bringing Peggle to the world’s most popular handheld gaming device, PopCap has partnered with Q Entertainment, the acclaimed Japanese development studio. Q Entertainment is already underway with the adaptation of Peggle, and will be adding features unique to the DS version that are not available in the existing PC, Mac or iPod versions of the game.

“I have a great deal of respect for Q Entertainment as one of the industry’s preeminent game developers, with a proven reputation for creativity and innovation,” stated Greg Canessa, PopCap’s vice president of video game platforms. “Q is a great choice to partner with us – they share many of PopCap’s design and creative philosophies and are equally big believers in quality and attention to detail. These factors, combined with Q’s impressive track record of success on DS and PSP, make this a natural fit. I’m confident that Q will create an experience with Peggle for DS that will both satisfy existing fans of the game and attract a new audience of on-the-go gamers who appreciate the DS for its one-of-a-kind display format and other unique capabilities.”

– First level introduces you to the basics (tutorial), located on a pirate ship
– At first, you’ll meet Meet Captain Maple Syrup
– Metroid-esque task at the end of the level: race against the clock to the start of the level
– Shop available to buy potions, level up items, and maps (for new levels)
– Sound test function

For most small video game developers, WiiWare is the perfect platform for releasing new titles. However, that doesn’t mean that some of the more famous companies, such as Konami, aren’t considering the service as a reasonable means of shipping out new content for gamers. Speaking with MTV, Castlevania’s Koji Igarashi expressed interest in WiiWare. “I’m definitely interested in WiiWare and I think it’s one of the areas that 2D can still be very strong at. I’m very much looking into that.”

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