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11 bit studios

11 bit studios published a launch trailer for This War of Mine: Complete Edition, which is out now on Switch. See it below.

This War of Mine: Complete Edition will be sold on Switch next week. As it turns out, it won’t be digital-only.

Amazon UK is listing a physical version of This War of Mine: Complete Edition. Just like the digital release, it’s on track for November 27. Pre-orders are open here.

This War of Mine: Complete Edition includes the main game and two pieces of DLC: “The Little Ones” and “Father’s Promise”.

This War of Mine: Complete Edition is coming to Switch in just a few weeks. A release is planned for November 27, 11 bit studios announced today.

This War of Mine: Complete Edition includes the following:

Moonlighter makes its way to Switch starting today. View the game’s official launch trailer from 11 bit studios and Digital Sun below.

Moonlighter finally comes to Switch on November 5. For a look at the game on Nintendo’s console, check out the footage below.

11 bit studios has finally nailed down a specific date for the Switch version of Moonlighter. It’ll be released on November 5, the developer announced today.

Moonlighter is “an action RPG with rogue-lite elements that shines a light on the daily adventures of Will, an devoted shopkeeper who secretly dreams of becoming a hero.” View a new trailer for the game below.

Moonlighter will be sold both physically and digitally on Switch.

Moonlighter is one step closer to launching on Switch, as 11 bit studios announced a release month today. We can expect to see the action RPG with roguelike elements in November.

Moonlighter will be hitting Switch both physically and digitally. Look for both versions to arrive at the same time.

Source: 11 bit Studios PR

11 bit Studios had This War of Mine, Moonlighter, and Children of Morta featured in today’s Indie Highlights presentation. But the company actually has a fourth title lined up for Switch: Beat Cop.

Beat Cop, a retro, pixel art style adventure set in New York City and inspired by 80’s cop shows, has players taking on the role of Jack Kelly. After being framed for murder, you’ll need to find out who set you up.

11 bit studios has sent out a launch trailer for Moonlighter. For a look at the new video, continue on below.

Moonlighter will launch on Switch this summer.

Kotaku has a new look at the upcoming Switch title Moonlighter with a half hour of footage. Check out the gameplay below.