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3D Clouds

SOEDSCO has shared a new video for Xenon Racer focusing on Boston and Lake Louise, two of the areas featured in the game. There are five tracks between them, including Boston 1000, Boston Port, Boston Downtown, Louise Bridge, and Lake Louise Forest. We have the video below.

SOEDSCO has shared a new video for Xenon Racer focusing on Dubai and Shanghai, two of the cities featured in the game. There are six tracks between them, including Dubai Beach, Dubai Downtown, Dubai Island, Dubai Festival, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and Shanghai Oval. We have the video below.

SOEDSCO has shared a new video for Xenon Racer focusing on Miami and Tokyo, two of the cities featured in the game. There are seven tracks between them, including Miami Seaside, Tokyo Downtown, Tokyo Garden, Tokyo Highway, Tokyo EXPO, Tokyo Port, and Tokyo Skyscrappers. We have the video below.

3D Clouds’ and SOEDESCO’s futuristic racing game Xenon Racer now has a concrete release date on Nintendo Switch: it will be available both physically and digitally on March 26. Also, here’s a new trailer for the game:


Xenon Racer boxart

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SOEDESCO has posted the boxart for Xenon Racer, which launches on Switch in early 2019. Take a look at the packaging shot above.

Today, SOEDESCO provided an update on the futuristic arcade racer Xenon Racer. In both North America and Europe, the game is on track for early 2019.

Here’s an overview:

All-Star Fruit Racing

Just like other consoles, All-Star Fruit Racing is arriving on Switch this summer. But the Switch version will be missing a key feature from other platforms: online play.

Developer 3DClouds took to Reddit and explained the situation in-depth. All-Star Fruit Racing is using Unreal Engine 4, which apparently doesn’t have any online-supported titles on Switch currently. If 3DClouds pursued online multiplayer for Nintendo’s console, the team would need to spend a lot of time and money to make it happen.

All-Star Fruit Racing

PQube has set a final release date for the kart racer All-Star Fruit Racing. In Europe, it’s arriving on July 13. The North American launch is planned for a month later on August 21.

All-Star Racing will be offered both physically and digitally. For more on the game, check out the overview and trailer below.

All-Star Fruit Racing

After it was outed by a classification from Brazil and later hinted by Amazon UK, All-Star Fruit Racing has been officially confirmed for Switch. PQube will be handling publishing duties, with a release planned for July.

As the name implies, All-Star Fruit Racing is a kart racer featuring championships, unlockable characters, various modes, and more. Continue on below for additional details and today’s announcement trailer.

A rating for All-Star Fruit Racing on Switch was spotted in Brazil last month. With a new retailer listing, all we need is an official announcement from PQube.

Amazon UK now has a page up for All-Star Fruit Racing. That’s certainly interesting, as it confirms a physical version. The retailer also lists a tentative July 31 release window, so it’s looking like a summer launch.

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