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3D Out Run

The Australian Classification Board has now given ratings to several Sega 3D Classics. The recently rated titles are 3D Out Run, 3D Fantasy Zone, 3D Fantasy Zone II, and 3D Thunder Blade.

A couple of these titles had already been anticipated to have launched alongside other PAL releases, however they seemed to have been delayed. Sega never commented on the delay but seeing ratings given to the games is good evidence that we should see them released sometime soon.

No specific release date has been given at this time.


System: Nintendo 3DS eShop
Release Date: March 12, 2015
Developer: Sega AM2/M2
Publisher: Sega

Author: Patrick

When Sega announced their line of remastered “Classics” for the 3DS, the one I was really holding out for was Out Run. Being born in an era where arcades barely mattered, I’d only had a single chance to play the original arcade cabinet so my familiarity with the game mostly came from the fact that it has already been ported to just about every console in existence. While most of these ports captured the game’s relaxed feel and addictive gameplay, they did vary wildly in quality so I was curious to see how well this 3DS version stacked up. Is it faithful to Yu Suzuki’s original classic?

Well yeah, of course. The emulation experts at M2 always go to crazy lengths to get the small details accurate as possible while throwing in heaps of extra content and hidden bonuses. What really surprised me was how well Out Run holds up in the year 2015.

Thanks to a listing on Nintendo’s website, it’s now confirmed that 3D Out Run is releasing on the 3DS eShop on March 12. You’ll be able to pick up the game for $5.99. Europe tends to get the SEGA 3D Classics on the same day, so it should be out next Thursday over there as well.


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