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Mato Anomalies update

 Mato Anomalies just came out on Switch a few days ago, but a new update is already available.

The patch includes a bunch of improvements and adjustments. Some of the highlights include better 3D visual quality in most dungeons, increased dungeon difficulty, support for potential DLC, and more.

The full patch notes for the Mato Anomalies update are as follows:

Mato Anomalies gameplay

Fresh gameplay has emerged for Mato Anomalies, a new turn-based RPG for Switch. 32 minutes of footage has come in.

If you’re interested in learning more about it, check out the following overview:

We have a new launch trailer to celebrate the arrival of Mato AnomaliesThis week, the turn-based RPG ended up on Switch.

Here’s an official overview with more information:

A final release date has come in for Mato Anomaliesthe upcoming visual novel-inspired JRPG. Switch owners can pick it up on March 10, 2023.

Mato Anomalies was announced for Switch back in July. A general 2023 release window was provided at the time.

As part of the Japan Expo taking place today in Paris, publisher Prime Matter and developer Arrowiz have announced that futuristic RPG Mato Anomalies  will be coming to Switch. It is currently slated for a 2023 release.

In the game, you’ll take the role of a detective investigating dark secrets in the city of Mato, a “a sprawling metropolis that combines traditional with futuristic architecture in a post-apocalyptic world”. Beyond investigations, the game will also feature intense battles, a variety of dungeons to explore and complex combat mechanics.

Here’s some more information about the game:

Hermitage: Strange Case Files gameplay

Hermitage: Strange Case Files made it to Switch this week, and we now have gameplay. This new video shows off a half hour of footage from the paranormal horror adventure title.

Learn more about Hermitage: Strange Case Files with the following overview:

Hermitage Strange Case Files release date

Hermitage: Strange Case Files, a paranormal horror adventure game, has received a final release date on Switch. A listing on the eShop has it down for October 26.

Hermitage: Strange Case Files was first announced for Switch this past July, and while we never had an actual release date, it was originally targeted for a summer launch.

Hermitage: Strange Case Files

Giiku Games announced today that it is teaming up with Arrowiz on the developer’s paranormal horror adventure title Hermitage: Strange Case Files. Not only will it be localized for a worldwide release, but it’s also now confirmed for Switch. We’ll be seeing it on the console later this summer.

Here’s some information about Hermitage: Strange Case Files plus a trailer:

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