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Art of Balance

art of balance switch online game trial

Nintendo is gearing up for its next Switch Online Game Trial, which will be Art of Balance from Shin’en. Subscribers in Europe will be able to play through the title entirely for free starting on December 14. The offer lasts until December 20.

Like all Switch Online Game Trials, progress made in Art of Balance can be transferred to the full version. It’s likely that a sale will be happening soon as well.

Shin’en has issued a new update for the Switch version of Art of Balance. Version 1.01 is live, adding new motion controls.

Based on a tweet from Shin’en, the developer may not be finished with Art of Balance. News about the IP is coming next week, though specifics have not yet been shared. Stay tuned.


Art of Balance, one of Shin’en’s past releases, is out now on Switch. Check out some footage in the video below.

Shin’en is bringing its critically-acclaimed puzzle game Art of Balance to Switch, the studio has announced. It’s due out very soon – specifically October 4.

Here’s an overview and trailer:

Shin’en Multimedia today announced on Twitter that their block-stacking physics puzzler will finally be heading down under on December 18th. Art of Balance was released for the US and European eShops around two months ago, with a Japanese version published by Arc System Works following shortly after. The Australian release of the game might be a bit overdue, but that’s classification systems for you! European owners of the 3DS version, Art of Balance Touch, received a 25% discount on the newer Wii U game, so presumably this will also apply to customers in Australia and New Zealand.

Art of Balance has been updated to version 1.01 in North America, developer Shin’en has confirmed. The same patch will be out in Europe shortly as well.

Here’s the update news straight from Shin’en:


Shinen Games has announced that their title Art of Balance Wii U is set to release in Japan on October 29 by ArcSystemWorks.



The Wii U version of Art of Balance is due out on the North American Wii U eShop next week, Shin’en has confirmed. A release is planned for October 9.

As tweeted by Shin’en:


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