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Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight

New footage of Dead by Daylight has emerged out of E3 2019 showing the game running on Switch in portable mode. Check it out below.

Dead by Daylight

Following its announcement from a previous Nintendo Direct, Dead by Daylight has been dated for Switch. The game will launch on September 24, Behaviour Interactive announced today.

Dead by Daylight will be sold in stores and on the eShop. Nine killers and ten survivors, along with three cosmetic packs. Pre-orders will open at retailers soon.

Here are some new Switch screenshots:

Dead by Daylight

In an interview with Nintendo World Report, director Mathieu Côté confirmed that Dead by Daylight will be “the same exact experience” on Switch compared to other platforms. Work was done with UI, but content will be kept in line with other consoles.

Côté said:

During the Wii and DS era, MySims was a pretty big thing. EA ended up publishing six different entries in the series in the span of about three years.

MySims didn’t make it to the 3DS generation, but EA did originally have plans for a new title on the system. Behavior Interactive was working on “MySims Friends” back in 2010.

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