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Hugo Smits

Goodbye Galaxy Games appears to have plans for a first-person shooter on the 3DS.

Studio head Hugo Smits started out by first asking fans the following on Twitter:

Smits then wrote soon after:

All of this culminated with the following tweet:

In addition to the new 3DS shooter, Smits is trying to wrap up two more projects for the handheld, and may even bring a title over to Wii U – like a Tappingo port.


We’ve brought in three more developers for the next entry in our new feature series, “Developer Musings”. This week, we have a few words from Gaijin Games, Neko Entertainment, and Goodbye Galaxy Games as they touch on how they deal with feedback from critics and players alike. Head past the break for their comments.

Unsure as to what Developer Musings is about? Check out our first entry here for an explanation.

DLC is currently unlikely for Tappingo. That’s according to creator Hugo Smits, who said on Twitter today that nothing is planned as of now.

Smits’ tweet is as follows:

Smits also wrote on Twitter that a sequel could begin development “right away” assuming “sales are good.” A new game would incorporate feedback received and possibly a QR code puzzle option.


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