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Bigben Interactive

Neopica’s Hunting Simulator was released last week on the Switch. Check out some gameplay footage below.

Bigben published a launch trailer for Hunting Simulator, which is out now on Switch. Get a look at the video below.

Off-screen V-Rally 4 footage

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A few minutes of off-screen footage has popped up for V-Rally 4 following its playable appearance at E3 last week. Check out the video below.

Bigben Interactive and Kylotonn Racing Games released a new V-Rally 4 trailer today showcasing the V-Rally Cross and Buggy modes. Have a look at it below.

Tennis World Tour is seeing another delay on Switch. From publisher Bigben, a new date of June 19 has been announced for Europe and July 10 for North America.

Originally, Tennis World Tour was expected for Switch on May 22. It was then pushed back to June 12. Here’s hoping that this new date sticks.


Tennis World Tour likely could have used some additional time in the over. According to Bigben Interactive president, the game was just 20% finished weeks before release. However, a major delay wasn’t possible due to marketing having already been in place and wanting a release in time for the French Open.

Where do we go from here? Well, Flac says that a refined version is planned for 2019. A new game is also lined up for 2020 – 2021.

As for Tennis World Tour in its current state, Flac noted that it will meet expectations having shipped 500,000 to distributors and already achieving a profit. Bigben also hopes to increase its Meta score and be in the 80s in the next few years.

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Tennis World Tour launch trailer

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Tennis World Tour is starting to release today, though the Switch version won’t be ready until June. We nonetheless have a new launch trailer for the game below.

Tennis World Tour was originally slated to come out next Tuesday on Switch. Unfortunately, a delay has taken place, though the wait won’t be terribly long.

Tennis World Tour is now launching on June 12 for Switch in North America and Europe. However, there could be a slight delay for the physical version in some European countries.

As Tennis World Tour approaches its release date this month, Bigben has prepared a new gameplay video showing a match between John McEnroe vs. Andre Agassi. We have the footage below.

Ahead of its May 22 launch, Bigben has published the latest trailer for Tennis World Tour. This time around, we have a look at Career Mode.

Here’s a breakdown of the feature:

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