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TreeFall Studios is partnering with RCMADIAX for a special crossover level in The Maze. Players will be able to access a bonus stage that takes inspiration from BLOK DROP U, as shown in the video above.

BLOK DROP U will arrive in Europe on June 26, developer RCMADIAX has announced. Pricing is set at £1.29 / €1.49.

As tweeted by RCMADIAX:


BLOK DROP U and Ping 1.5+ will be receiving crossover stages with each other, the developers of both games have announced.

RCMADIAX and NamiTentou wrote on Twitter a few hours ago:


RCMADIAX plans to submit BLOK DROP U to Nintendo of Europe sometime today. If all goes well, the game should be out in June or July.

BLOK DROP U will maintain its cheap pricing for the European release. It’s expected to cost just £1.29 / €1.49.


BLOK DROP U’s update is now available, though the manner in which you obtain it is a bit complicated.

You’ll first need to delete the game from your system/hard drive. After that, re-download BLOK DROP U from the eShop.

RCMADIAX says it’s looking into the issue, as updating Wii U games is usually easier.


In the very near future, BLOK DROP U will be receiving its first title update. While it won’t introduce any additional content, RCMADIAX has implemented a number of changes to improve upon the core experience.

I was recently given the opportunity to try out BLOK DROP U’s impending update. For some quick impressions, head past the break.

RCMADIAX tweeted out a few more screenshots from BLOK DROP U’s upcoming update. You can find them below.


BLOK DROP U’s first update is almost completed, RCMADIAX has said.

The developer plans to test the patch tomorrow. Assuming everything goes as planned, it will then be submitted to Nintendo on Monday.

RCMADIAX wrote on Twitter:


BLOK DROP U sales have seen a huge increase following a discount launched on the eShop yesterday. According to developer RCMADAIX, the game has seen a 1,105 percent increase over last Thursday.

The developer wrote on Twitter:

BLOK DROP U wasn’t all that pricey to begin with, coming in at $2. Guess more people decided to jump in at $1 though!