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Bob Rafei

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric will feature a pair of “fan favorite characters”, Big Red Button Entertainment has teased.

In an interview with GamesTM this month, creative director Bob Rafei teased:

We looked at the rich universe and history of Sonic and began to gravitate towards characters that best fit into our objective to make an epic adventure game. Dr Eggman was a very fun character to explore and created a really fun dynamic to Lyric’s straight man super villain vibe. Also there are two fan favourite characters that we’re excited to add.

Anyone want to take a guess as to who Rafei is teasing here?!


Sonic Boom is more than a game. In addition to the Wii U and 3DS titles, SEGA is also planning a TV show and even a line of toys.

Big Red Button CEO Bob Rafei recently explained to Siliconera how the games tie into the TV show. He told the site:

“The whole point of the Sonic Boom approach is to have a consistent brand and a consistent approach for the transmedia play. The transmedia play is the toy series, the games 3DS and Wii U, and the TV shows. From a character approach, from a writing approach they are the same characters living in the same universe. This world that has a backstory with the ancients and the main villain which we will introduce at E3, that is where the TV show also lives in. In terms of how they relate to each other, the villain starts to process and introduces the TV show.”

“The TV show is a situational comedy. They have a different format for the medium. They have, I think it is, 52 different eleven minute episodes where the world has to reset because when it’s played in syndication you don’t know which order they will be played in.”

“[Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric] is a classic adventure storyline which has a beginning where something is the inciting incident that sets them on their adventure and they progressively go through the world and the stakes are raised until they defeat the villain at the end. That kind of format is very difficult to tell in an eleven minute episode especially when the priorities are the humor. For us, it was gameplay, character mechanics, and then narrative. For them it was narrative as primary, the jokes as primary and secondary is action.”


Siliconera recently caught up with Bob Rafei, creative director and CEO of Big Red Button. Rafei discussed the various character characters in Sonic Boom, how Sonic Team reacted to the game, and more.

You can find a few excerpts from the interview below. The full thing can be read over at Siliconera.

GameSpot has put up a bunch of new comments from Big Red Button Entertainment’s Bob Rafei. For the most part, Rafei’s his pertain to the new character designs in Sonic Boom.

You can find Rafei’s words below, or over on GameSpot. Also be sure to check out some pieces of art above, including a look at Eggman.

Gamasutra has posted a new Sonic Boom interview with Big Red Button Entertainment director Bob Rafei. There’s a lot here – how SEGA approached the studio, freedom given to re-imagine the franchise, making Sonic more western-friendly, and more.

We’ve rounded up a number of Rafei’s comments below. Gamasutra has even more from the developer.

At SEGA’s recent Sonic press event, CVG had the opportunity to interview Bob Rafei, CEO and visual director at Big Red Button, and SEGA of America producer Stephen Frost. The two discussed Sonic Boom’s origins, how CryEngine is being used, interest in making more games in this world, and a bunch more.

Head past the break for Rafei and Frost’s comments. Be sure to check out CVG’s full piece here as well.

The Guardian has published a new Sonic Boom interview with Big Red Button creative director Bob Rafei and OuiDo executive producer Evan Baily. Topics include Sonic 2/Sonic Adventure inspiration, tying in with the show, GamePad usage, how the Wii U and 3DS versions work tigether, and more.

Head past the break for the full comments. You can also check out The Guardain’s full piece here.

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