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Causal Bit Games

More screenshots have been released for the upcoming eShop title Battle Princess Madelyn. Check them out below.

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Causal Bit Games have today introduced a new aspect of Battle Princess Madelyn. Below you can see the game’s Arcade Mode for the first time.

In Arcade Mode, players will find story levels with a faster pace and completely different level structure plus style of play that makes things a bit more difficult. Casual Bit Games promises it will be a “true homage to games of yesteryear” and “a real old school experience.”

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Indie developer Casual Bit Games is now a Wii U developer, and intends to support the eShop with at least two titles.

First up is Insanity’s Blade. The game offers action, platforming, and RPG elements with an 8-bit style. A total of 18 stages are included which has players scaling buildings and caves.

Casual Bit Games’ Chris Obritsch tells Nintendo Enthusiast that a second Wii U title is also planned. This will be “A two player co-op with split screen bubble bobble/snow brothers style game with 100 stages. 10 of which are completed with a boss fight already.”

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Causal Bit Games hopes to raise a total of $6,000 CAD on Kickstarter within the next six days in order to fund its new project, Insanity’s Blade. A little over $5,000 CAD has been collected thus far.

Depending on how much is raised within the next week, Causal Bit Games may end up bringing Insanity’s Blade to Wii U. A stretch goal lies at $8,000 CAD, which is only $2,000 CAD off the overall target.

You can check out the official Kickstarter page here.