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Collectible Badge Center

The Japanese-exclusive 3DS application Collectible Badge Center received an update today. By downloading patch 1.1.0, users can access a new hammer mechanic (see above). It’s also possible to apply a badge on the Home menu straight from Collectible Badge Center after earning one from the crane mini-game, and codes can be redeemed to play the crane mini-game. Nintendo says other improvements have been made and issues have been addressed.


Over one million unique users have accessed the new Collectible Badge Center application in Japan since launch, Nintendo announced today. This milestone was reached in just under a month, as the 3DS download was made available on December 17.

The sales rabbit from Collectible Badge Center provides a bit of additional information as well. There’s been one user who has collected over 100 Isabella badges, a customer who only collects badges that look like money or coins, and someone who’s great at the practice machine, but isn’t so great when it gets to the real thing.

To celebrate today’s news, users will receive two free plays on the real machines.

It’s also been revealed that a patch is in the works for Collectible Badge Center. This will be made available in March.


Collectible Badge Center, the new 3DS download that just launched in Japan, allows users to earn a whole bunch of badges. They can then be applied to the 3DS Home Menu.

For a listing of confirmed badges we know of thus far, check out the lineup below:

Walking Super Mario
Fire Flower
Broken Block
Koopa Troopa
Warp Pipe
? Block
Fire Mario
Fire Balls
Power Star
Jumping Mario
Bullet Bill
Koopa Paratroopa (Red/Green)
Piranha Plant
Dying Luigi
1-UP Mushroom
Breaking Mario
Breaking Super Mario
Falling Spiny
SMB 1-1 Floor
Standing Mario
8 bit 3DS App replacements

Animal Crossing
Isabelle (Winter Clothing)
Green Leaf
Red Apple
Yellow House
Fossil (Dug up)
Fossil (examined)
Red Fish
Green Fish
Apple Basket
Pear Basket
Digby (Mii Plaza)
K.K. Slider (Music)
Tom Nook (eShop)
Reese (Mii Maker)
Blathers (Camera)
Isabelle (Activity Log) *Summer outfit
Rover (Download Play)
Cyrus (Settings)

Mario 3D Series
Mario Portrait
Luigi Portrait
Toad Portrait
? Block
Princess Peach Portrait
Goomba Portrait
Bowser Portrait
Piranha Plant Portrait
Koopa Paratroopa Portrait
Group (Mii Plaza)
Luigi Jumping (Music)
Princess Peach (eShop)
2 Mushrooms (Mii Maker)
Mario Leaning (Camera)
Yoshi Running (Activity Log)
Mario Ground Pound (Download Play)
Toad Waving (Settings)

Mario Kart
Crossing Line Lakitu
Mario (Kart)
Luigi (Kart)
Donkey Kong (Bike)
Bowser (Kart)
Wendy (Bike)
Morton (Kart)
Iggy (Bike)
Ludwig (Kart)
Roy (Kart)
Lemmy (Kart)
Green Shell
Koopa Troopa (Bike)
Shy Guy (Kart)
Lakitu (Kart)
Bullet Bill
Yoshi (Bike)
Waluigi (Bike)
Wario (Kart)
Toad (Kart)
Piranha Plant
Gold Mushroom

Pixel Famicom
Pixel Famicom Controller (X2)
Pixel Cartridge (X2)


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