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Welcome Kokuri-san

Today, CyberStep announced Welcome Kokuri-san for Switch. The visual novel, which features Virtual YouTuber Kurune Kokuri, is set for release in Winter 2023.

First information can be found in the following overview, courtesy of Gematsu:

Developer CyberStep has announced that their free-to-play action MMORPG Onigiri will be available on the Nintendo Switch eShop next week, on January 31st. The Switch version will support cross-play with the Steam version of the game, which will launch in early February.

The Switch version of Onigiri, which has been out on various platforms for a couple of years now, was initially announced 12 months ago. Onigiri has you embark on an adventure across Japan, fighting yokai and teaming up with characters from Japanese history and mythology.

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GetAmped Mobile, competitive action game originally designed for phones, is now available for Switch on the Japanese eShop. YouTuber NintenDaan has footage from the Switch version of the game, which you can view below.

Breakers: Dawn of Heroes

Cyberstep has been updating its free-to-play Switch game Dawn of the Breakers pretty regularly. The latest release, version 1.013, includes some new elements, adjustments, and bug fixes.

Below are the full patch notes:

Cyberstep is continuing to update its action role-playing game Dawn of the Breakers. Version 1.013 is out now, making a number of adjustments and implementing bug fixes.

The full patch notes are as follows:

Breakers: Dawn of Heroes

A new update for Dawn of the Breakers has gone live. Cyberstep released version 1.013 today.

The new update includes some new features as well as bug fixes. We’ve included the full patch notes below. 

Dawn of the Breakers has received a new patch. Cyberstep has implemented a number of adjustments as well as bug fixes.

The full patch notes are as follows:

Not too long ago, CyberStep released Breakers: Dawn of Heroes on the Japanese eShop. The same title has started distribution in North America and Europe today.

Called Dawn of the Breakers in the west, the 3D action game takes place in modern Japan. Players will face off against a mysterious enemy known as “Ghouls”, discover the fate that awaits the enigmatic protagonist, and juggle the responsibilities of being a high school student with the duties that accompany being a member of the superhero unit, the ‘Breakers’.

Breakers: Dawn of Heroes, otherwise known as Dawn of the Breaker, has released on the Japanese eShop – complete with English support. We have some footage below.

Breakers: Dawn of Heroes

CyberStep has readied a pair of gameplay videos for Breakers: Dawn of Heroes, its upcoming action RPG for Switch. We’ve included both below.

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