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Daybreak Game Company

System: Switch (eShop)
Release date: August 6, 2019
Developer: Daybreak Game Company
Publisher: Daybreak Game Company

I would confidently place a meaty bet on the proposal that you, the reader, have definitely envisioned your own ideal superhero at some stage of your life. It’s one of those things we all do, and it’s always been a solid proposal for a video game. Daybreak, developers of Everquest and H1Z1, saw the potential of this idea, and in partnership with DC they crafted an MMO that brings this concept to fruition. As an opening statement to DC Universe Online, its character creator is an absolute treat. I used the bevy of available options, powers and weapons to create a flying, fire-wielding Neo knock-off named “Ultra-Dad”, but I could have made anything, really. A quick search of YouTube will offer up guides on how to create all manner of Marvel and DC heroes within the toolset, and just about the only thing that has to differ from existing properties is your character’s name (for some reason I couldn’t pick “The Incredible Father” for instance).

Earlier today, DC Universe Online launched for Switch via the eShop. For a look at some footage from the final build, watch the video below.

At E3 2019, we were invited to meet with the incredibly passionate team at Daybreak Games for an behind-closed-doors gameplay demo and interview. We spoke at length with the creative director, SJ Mueller, and executive producer, Leah Bowers, as they kindly answered a number of our questions about how they decided to bring the game to Switch, how everything stacks up compared to PS4 and PC, future content, cross-play possibilities and so much more.

The devs were incredibly excited and genuinely passionate to bring the game to Switch; check out our transcript below.

DC Universe Online will be a hefty download on Switch, perhaps as expected. According to an eShop listing, it’ll take up a whopping 24.1GB.

DC Universe Online launches for Switch as a free-to-play title on August 6.

Source: Switch eShop

Years after it’s initial launch, DC Universe Online will be making its way to Switch on August 6. Some might be wondering: how did this happen in the first place?

Daybreak Game Company head Jack Emmert and executive producer Leah Bowers began talking about the idea after Bowers received a Switch as a Christmas gift and was impressed with the hardware. Despite some uncertainty as to whether or not it would actually work, the team received development kits and went from there.

DC Universe Online launched years ago, so it’s currently out on a couple of different platforms. Switch is joining in on the fun when it releases August 6. However, cross-play and cross-progression won’t be supported – at least not right away.

We recently spoke with key members of the DC Universe Online development team about the possibility of adding in cross-play support later down the road. Executive producer Leah Bowers first told us that she won’t rule it out, and is something the team is very interested in.

DC Universe Online is coming to Switch at the start of August. Players will immediately gain access to a ton of content in the MMO that has been ongoing for years, but there’s even more to come very soon.

At Comic-Con, Daybreak announced two new episodes for DC Universe Online: Metal Part 1 and Metal Part II. Both include new and returning heroes and villains, new events, and more.

Here’s the full rundown:

DC Universe Online will arrive for Switch on August 6, Daybreak has announced. The news was shared in celebration of Comic-Con today.

Here’s an overview of the MMO:

During E3 2019 this week, we got our first proper look at DC Universe Online running on Switch. Have a look at 30 minutes of direct-feed gameplay below.