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Demon King Box

Circle Entertainment announced via its Twitter account today that an update will be released later this week for Demon King Box. The patch addresses bugs, adds buttons, and features a revised localization.

North America is getting the update on Thursday. No word yet as to when it’s coming to Europe, but it’s in lot check at the moment.

Circle’s tweet is as follows:


Demon King Box is off to a fast start for Circle Entertainment. The game, which launched yesterday on the North American 3DS eShop, has broken the publisher’s previous records for day-one sales. It managed to beat out all other titles Circle has brought to the eShop in the US and Europe.

Circle shared the news on Twitter:


Circle Entertainment is currently in talks with the developer behind Demon King Box to bring out some sort of Wii U version. By the sound of things, we’ll either end up seeing a port of the 3DS game or a brand new sequel of sorts.

Circle told one fan on Twitter today:

Thanks to Caleb for the tip.


The next Circle Entertainment game we’re featuring on Nintendo Everything is “Demon King Box”. And this one is just a few days away! It’s coming out on August 21 – this Thursday – in North America, though 3DS owners in Europe will need to wait a couple of months longer.

Demon King Box offers a combination of real-time strategy and classic RPG gameplay. Players will gather demons and heroes to aid them on their quests. It’s also possible to gather demons by conquering them and researching minions. By “researching minions”, Circle means feeding, upgrading, and combining them.

Demon King Box will offer an expansive world with various locations. Circle has also included voice-over work for the various demon heroes, each of whom have unique personalities.

In terms of features, Demon King Box includes over 30 stages, achievements, a gallery, and even an English/Chinese language switch.

Look out for Demon King Box when it launches in North America on Thursday. Screenshots from the game can be found below.

Circle Entertainment has provided a look at Demon King Box – previously known as Demon’s Box – on Twitter. The strategy game is currently going through beta testing.

Here’s the first available shot of the game:


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