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Bleed Switch footage

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On Thursday, Bleed will be joining the Switch eShop along with a smattering of other titles. View some footage below.

Digerati is starting to put out games on Switch at a rapid pace. The company has already published Letter Quest Remastered, Bleed is scheduled for next week, and now The Coma: Recut is confirmed for the console. The European Switch eShop lists it for December 21.

The Coma: Recut is a horror adventure game. In it, you play as the student Youngho who is trapped in an altered version of his school. The game involves escaping from a psychotic killer and the school itself.

We have more information about The Coma: Recut below, along with a trailer.

Bleed coming to Switch

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A listing on the North American Switch eShop reveals that Bleed is coming to Switch. Digerati will be publishing the game on December 14 for $14.99.

Bleed, an action-platformer in which you run, jump, and shoot your way through various levels, originally debuted in 2013. It has since started reaching new systems over the past few months, with Switch up next.

We have more information and a trailer below:

Another game is making the jump from Wii U to Switch. Next week, Letter Quest Remastered is coming to the console.

Letter Quest Remastered is a word-based, turn-based, puzzle RPG. The Switch release date is officially set for November 23. We have more information about the game below, along with a trailer.