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Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive has been off the radar for a few months now. Our latest notable update came in last September, in which some of the characters and story beats were detailed.

The good news is that Digimon Survive remains very much in development. In fact, series producer Kazumasa Habu has indicated that we’ll be getting news relatively soon. Fans can look forward to news before summer / early summer.

We should note that the next issue of V-Jump will have big Digimon news in its next issue. As part of that, the magazine could be sharing the latest on Digimon Survive.

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In a recent issue of Famitsu, a couple of Digimon Survive developers were brought in to discuss the game. Producer Tsuzuki Katsuaki and series producer Kazumasa Habu talked about the game’s concepts, choices players can make in the game, how you’ll Digivolve in battle, and the amount of Digimon included.

We’ve gone ahead and prepared a full translation of the interview. To read it, continue on below.

Bandai Namco released new information on the story and characters of Digimon Survive, the upcoming strategy RPG for Nintendo Switch. Full credit to Gematsu for the translation.


“A boy, attending camp together with friends, is invited on an unexpected adventure!”

Takuma Momotsuka is a soon-to-be second-year middle school student who attends a historical studies extracurricular activities camp where students from several schools group up during spring break. On the second day of camp, Takuma, his friend Minoru Hinata, and Aoi Shibuya, a one year-older upperclassman from a different school, visit a shrine where a festival surrounding the local “Beast Gods” will be held.

Takuma, who joined up with his camp friends and kids from his hometown on the way there, encounters a mysterious monster named Koromon while exploring the shrine. Immediately following, they hear a scream from nearby and run in that direction to find more of their friends attacked by different monsters.

Upon realizing he has to save everyone, Koromon evolves into Agumon to fight the monsters. With the help of Agumon, Takuma managed to repel the monsters, but he soon realized that the surrounding area was covered in fog and he had gotten lost in an unknown world…

New Digimon Survive screenshots

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Bandai Namco issued a handful of new screenshots from its survival strategy role-playing game Digimon Survive. View the latest images below.

The latest issue of V-Jump provides the latest details on Digimon Survive. Two characters are covered: Aoi Shibuya and Minoru Hyuga. The magazine also goes over the importance of choices in the game.

Here’s the full rundown: 

Digimon Survive was recently announced for Japan. Thankfully, fans haven’t had to wait long about a release in other territories, as Bandai Namco confirmed today that the title is coming west.

Digimon Survive, a survival simulation RPG, will launch worldwide in 2019. We have the announcement and English version of yesterday’s trailer below.

Aside from showing the first trailer during the Digimon Thanksgiving 2018 Special Meeting & Latest Game Newsflash, Bandai Namco also gave a look at five minutes of footage. We have the recording below.

Digimon Survive debut trailer

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During the Digimon Thanksgiving 2018 Special Meeting & Latest Game Newsflash, the first trailer was shown for Digimon Survive. We have the video below.

Update (7/21): Bumped to the top. More screenshots added.

Original (7/20): Following its reveal in V-Jump, the official website for Digimon Survive has opened. You can access it here. Note that there isn’t much to see at present, though we did get some information a few days ago as shared here.

One thing the site does have is first screenshots. Below are the images:

First Digimon Survive scan

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As revealed in the latest issue of V-Jump, Digimon Survive is in development for Switch. We have the first scan above.

Digimon Survive will launch sometime in 2019.