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Dr. Mario World

Hot on the heels of the Sanrio collaboration, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is hosting another collaboration – this time with Nintendo’s newest mobile game: Dr. Mario World. If you log in once up until August 18th, you’ll get three virus-themed shirts and a Mario Bros. moustache as free gifts.


Sensor Tower has an update on the performance of Dr. Mario World. In its first week, the mobile game has surpassed five million downloads.

Comparing that to other Nintendo mobile releases, it places fourth in launch downloads. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was the best at 14.8 million players. Dr. Mario World secured roughly 60 percent of the first week downloads of both Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes. However, it was significantly ahead of Dragalia Lost, which was downloaded about 860,000 times in the five markets where it debuted.

Dr. Mario World has only earned $500,000 from players thus far, but it stacks up well against other games in the puzzle genre. While it grossed roughly $325 million last year, Toon Blast earned only $90,000 in its first week. Also, Candy Crush Friends Saga brought in just $170,000 more than Dr. Mario World in its first seven days with much more marketing than Dr. Mario World.


Hello my beautiful Popos and Nanas! Oni and Galen have a great discussion overall, in our most intimate episode of NEP yet. We talk localization and well-written characters in fiction, the pros and cons of the Switch Lite (and what this could mean for a future “Pro” variant), Dr. Mario and how different in design it is, and we tie things up with a discussion of Fire Emblem and LGBTQ+ representation in media and video games. We hope you enjoy.

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My Nintendo is celebrating the launch of Dr. Mario World on mobile with a pair of rewards. In North America, two new wallpapers are available. The designs, shown in this post, cost 50 Platinum Points each.

You can order the Dr. Mario World wallpapers on My Nintendo here.

According to Sensor Tower, Dr. Mario World has seen two million installs in its first three days. Players have also spent over $100,000 on in-app purchases so far. It’s Nintendo’s lowest grossing mobile title at this point in its launch window, but Sensor Tower points out that the monetization methods are different and are most comparable to the broader puzzle genre.

A comparison chart of Nintendo’s mobile titles can be found above. Dr. Mario World’s downloads during its first three days are at about half of Super Mario Run’s 4.3 million, Fire Emblem Heroes’ 4.9 million, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s six million. While there have been seven times as many installs as Dragalia Lost, Cygames’ title only released in five markets to start.

Dr. Mario World is the top free iPhone app in Japan at present. As for the United States, it sits at #6.


To celebrate the new release of Dr. Mario World on mobile, Nintendo has prepared a new launch trailer. You can see it below.

A new update for Dr. Mario World is now available. Nintendo just started distribution of version 1.0.2.

Today’s update addresses an issue related to rewards from advancing tiers. When going up a tier, players may not have received rewards, or may not have been able to correctly use rewards received.

We’ll have to wait and see how Dr. Mario World does in the long run, but at least early on, it appears to be doing well. Within half a day of its launch, the mobile game reached the top spot in the US iOS games chart. This puts it in better positioning than Niantic’s Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which didn’t reach #1 until a day after it launched.

How about the UK? According to App Annie, it peaked at #9 overall. However, it did take the top spot in puzzle games.


Nintendo is back with another “Virus Vid” for Dr. Mario World. Have a look at the short clip promoting the new mobile game below.

Dr. Mario World dataminers have already gotten to work only a few hours after the game’s launch. Initial findings appear to have revealed some of the upcoming characters. As we know, Nintendo intends to add more doctors down the road.

We’ll be sharing the lineup of datamined images after the break. Keep that in mind before proceeding below.