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EGGLIA Rebirth

EGGLIA Rebirth interview

Shinichi Kameoka has had a pretty distinguished career. One of his most notable achievements was Mother 3, of which he worked on the game as a producer. He was also a system designer, character designer, and scenario writer for the original Mana series, including Secret of Mana and SaGa Frontier.

Kameoka’s studio Brownies just put out a new title on Switch in the form of EGGLIA Rebirth. We were recently given the chance to speak with him about releasing the game on Nintendo’s console as well as a few other topics.

You can check out our full discussion below. 

EGGLIA Rebirth gameplay

The turn-based RPG EGGLIA Rebirth landed on Switch in the west this week, and we now have gameplay. 24 minutes of footage has come in.

Additional information about EGGLIA Rebirth can be found with the following overview:

Developer and publisher Brownies has announced that world building RPG EGGLIA Rebirth is arriving on Switch next month on February 10. Check out the announcement trailer below, along with an overview of the game.

The English version of EGGLIA Rebirth has now been confirmed by publisher Brownies, and an English trailer has released. This trailer shows off some of the Switch gameplay with English subtitles and includes story segments, combat, and menus/UI. 

None of this footage is showing the English version yet, but it has been confirmed to be coming at a release date not yet disclosed. The Japanese version of EGGLIA Rebirth will come to Switch on December 16, 2021. 

More about the game can be read in the short summary below. 

EGGLIA Rebirth

Brownies has unveiled EGGLIA Rebirth, an upcoming RPG for Switch. Japan will be getting the game on December 16.

EGGLIA Rebirth is based on EGGLIA: Legend of the Redcap, which previously game to mobile devices. The Switch version will have new characters, stories, and more. That’s on top of an updated user interface and proper controller support.

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