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Shinichi Kameoka

Mother 3 producer on why it hasn't seen an English release in the west

Mother 3 originally came out for the Game Boy Advance, but only in Japan. Since then, fans in the west have been clamoring for an English release.

Shinichi Kameoka, the producer of Mother 3, recently shared his own thoughts as to why the game has never been localized. As part of a Q& with the Kit & Krysta Podcast, he said:

EGGLIA Rebirth interview

Shinichi Kameoka has had a pretty distinguished career. One of his most notable achievements was Mother 3, of which he worked on the game as a producer. He was also a system designer, character designer, and scenario writer for the original Mana series, including Secret of Mana and SaGa Frontier.

Kameoka’s studio Brownies just put out a new title on Switch in the form of EGGLIA Rebirth. We were recently given the chance to speak with him about releasing the game on Nintendo’s console as well as a few other topics.

You can check out our full discussion below. 

mother 3 localization worldwide release

It’s been over 15 years since Mother 3’s original debut, but the RPG has never received an official English localization. However, one important developer that worked on the project hopes to see that happen someday.

Producer Shinichi Kameoka recently told Nintendo Everything that much like the fans, he’d “also love to see Mother 3 released in the US and Europe.” He added: “As a lover of games, I will continue to wait for Mother 3’s release worldwide release (in English).

Brownie Brown founder Shinichi Kameoka left the company, now known as 1-UP Studio, and went on to form “Brownies” in March of last year.

Kameoka described 2013 as a “very blessed year of development and releases” while speaking with 4Gamer last month. Before leaving Brownie Brown, he worked on Fantasy Life Link for Level-5, and then helped create “Shooting Hero” – Brownie’s debut title on iOS.

As for 2014, Kameoka teased that Brownies is working on “a little epic adventure”. While there’s no sort of guarantee that it will wind up on a Nintendo system, we’re certainly hoping the possibility exists given Kameoka’s previous projects.

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