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Fae Farm

Fae Farm Steamed Fish

Steamed Fish is one of the easier and more convenient recipes to craft in Fae Farm, and we’ll tell you how to make it.

There are a wide variety of meals that you can prepare in the game to restore your stamina and, in some cases, provide some useful temporary bonuses. Steamed Fish restores 50 Energy and requires two ingredients that are relatively easy to acquire. You’ll also need to prepare five of them for the main quest “A Watery Wonder” which you’ll acquire once you reach the bottom of Saltwater Mines.

fae farm how to get to fae acres

One of the more significant aspects of Fae Farm is the Fae Acres location, and we’ll explain how you can get it in our latest guide.

Farming and crafting are two key gameplay aspects of Fae Farm, and you’re not limited to just one home: shortly after completing Saltwater Mines you’ll get access to a second Homestead right above your first one. Once you clear the second dungeon, Floating Ruins, you’ll gain access to another home, the Fae Acres.

Fae Farm copper ore

In this guide for Fae Farm we’ll tell you what Copper Ore is and how to find it so that you can craft items like Copper Ingots, seals, and upgrade your tools.

fae farm arugula

In this guide for Fae Farm we’ll tell you what arugula is and where to find it so that you can continue your journey in the land of Azoria.

Fae Farm flower breeding

In this guide for Fae Farm we’ll walk you through flower breeding, so you can have a garden of multi-colored flowers from the basic seeds within a few days. You’ll just need to go through a few easy steps that we’ve outlined below.

Fae Farm how to upgrade tools

In this guide for Fae Farm we’ll tell you how to upgrade your tools and other equipment, including your Fishing Rod, Critter Net, and Magic Staff, so you’ll be able to more efficiently carry out your daily tasks as you dive deeper into the mysteries of Azoria.

Fae Farm gameplay

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Fae Farm gameplay

Fae Farm officially came to Switch this week, and for those interested in getting an extended look, new gameplay is available. You can check out the first couple of chapters with aspects of the farming and life sim gameplay.

As a reminder, here’s what to expect from the title:

To help cut back on the gold grinding in Fae Farm, we’ve written a guide to tell you how you can earn thousands of florins within a single day with little effort. All of this can be done within the first few hours of starting the story.

[Review] Fae Farm

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Fae Farm review

System: Switch
Release date: September 8, 2023
Developer: Phoenix Labs
Publisher: Phoenix Labs

The farming/life sim genre has exploded in recent years, and with an abundance of high quality titles now available on Switch, it is becoming increasingly difficult for new entrants to stand out from the crowd. Fae Farm, which comes from Phoenix Labs, is the latest to have gathered some attention prior to its launch thanks to its magic-focused premise, RPG elements, and quality-of-life features that make the pains of the genre more bearable and accessible. While Fae Farm takes several steps in the right direction towards this end, there are some design choices that make the overall experience less magical than it could have been.

Fae Farm post launch

Phoenix Labs has provided information about post-launch support for Fae Farm, its upcoming farm sim.

Following release, the developer intends to offer new places to discover, new characters to befriend and romance, new creatures, new stories, and more. Switch players will gain access to two future Fae Farm content packs downloadable for free. They should launch between December 2023 and the end of June 2024.

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