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Freedom Planet 2

Freedom Planet 2 release date

XSEED, in partnership with GalaxyTrail, today unveiled the final Switch release date for Freedom Planet 2. It’ll be available on April 4, 2024.

Freedom Planet 2 has been delayed on Switch a couple of times. Most recently, it was given a Spring 2024 launch window.

Freedom Planet 2 delayed

Freedom Planet 2 has been delayed on consoles, including Switch. XSEED Games and GalaxyTrail confirmed today that it’s been pushed back to Spring 2024. 

Freedom Planet 2 was last planned for this past summer. Now the game is moving out of 2023 entirely – which isn’t a surprise given how little time there is left in the year.

XSEED said the following about the Freedom Planet 2 delay:

Freedom Planet 2 will be appearing on Switch, GalaxyTrail has announced. The title is slated for Summer 2023 on Nintendo’s console.

Freedom Planet 2 was first announced way back at the end of 2015. The project is now finally wrapping up development and will first launch for PC and Linux on September 13, 2022. Console ports, which includes Switch, will follow next year.

GalaxyTrail has issued a brand new trailer for Freedom Planet 2 that shows off the game’s Adventure Mode. Take a look at the video below.

Freedom Planet 2 is expected to release on Switch sometime after the initial PC launch.

Freedom Planet

Over the weekend, GalaxyTrail posted an image on Facebook hinting at a release of Freedom Planet on Switch. Some took that as confirmation that the game would be heading to Nintendo’s console at some point, but we’re not quite there… yet.

GalaxyTrail has now clarified that the image was a way of showing that the studio is aware of the huge amount of interest in Freedom Planet on Switch. The team is “currently exploring all of our options to offer you the game and the sequel on the Switch” – so there’s nothing official, yet.

Here’s the full statement:

GalaxyTrail has uploaded a new video, showing off updated gameplay footage for Freedom Planet 2. Check out the video below:

GalaxyTrail put out a demo for Freedom Planet 2 on PC today. Thanks to that, fans are able to get a feel for the gameplay. Check out some footage from the demo below.

GalaxyTrail has once again prepared a new character video for Freedom Planet 2. The latest one, focusing on Milla, is posted below.

GalaxyTrail finally began to show off some footage from Freedom Planet 2 this weekend. A video showing Lilac was published, and now we have another one for Carol. View it below.

Freedom Planet 2 was announced on this day last year. Today, Galaxy Trail finally showed a first look at the game. A video showing Lilac can be seen below.

Galaxy Trail previously said that Freedom Planet 2 would come to a Nintendo platform after the initial release. That would almost certainly mean Switch in this case.

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