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Three games have been confirmed for release on the North American eShops next week. Gaiabreaker (Wii U), Gothic Masquerade (3DS), Amida’s Path (3DS/DSiWare) are all due out on August 14. Soon Shine was also previously confirmed for the same day.

Gaiabreaker is heading to the European Wii U eShop next week, a listing on the digital store reveals. The game will be available next Thursday for €10.99. Gaiabreaker wasn’t received too well when it launched in Japan late last year, but if shoot ‘en ups are your sort of things, perhaps this game will interest you.


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The Wii U eShop title Gaiabreaker, first released in Japan, appears to be heading west. A rating for the title popped up on the OFLC today signaling an upcoming localization. If an official announcement is made, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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Gaiabreaker will be released on the Japanese Wii U eShop on December 25 for 1,890 yen.


Wii U eShop titles from Japanese developers/publishers are a rare thing these days. We’ve seen a couple of games here and there, but nothing too substantial.

Ubiquitous Entertainment will be looking to provide a boost with its new eShop title “Gaiabreaker”. It’s a vertical shooter with leaderboard support.

Pricing is set at 1,890 yen for Gaiabreaker. The game is slated for December 25 in Japan.