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Game Informer

New screenshots of the English version of Shin Megami Tensei V have been released by Atlus and Game Informer. These screenshots show off a feature that is a constant of the Shin Megami Tensei series – demon negotiation. 

Just like previous entries, demons will have different personality types that players must learn and use to their advantage in negotiation, but there will be even more types available in this game. Also, there will be four different types of demon fusion: special, reverse, elemental, and an option to create your own demon. Special items called Essences can be obtained throughout the game and equipped to the protagonist for boosts in demon fusion and assistance in negotiation.

Glimpses of the negotiation and more can be seen in the screenshots below (courtesy of Game Informer):

This month, Game Informer is publishing its 300th issue. The magazine created five covers in total to celebrate the milestone, and one of the designs based on none other than Metroid. You can get a look at the beautiful design above.

Tying in with the big issue, Game Informer is choosing the top 300 games of all time. You can bet that Metroid places high up on the list.


This month’s Game Informer contains a listing of the magazine’s top 50 games of 2013. You can find the full lineup below sorted by release date.

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