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God Eater 3

Bandai Namco has released the version 2.40 update for God Eater 3, which adds chapters for both Keith and Neal to the “Traversing the Past” episode, new Ashwrought Aragami Tyranny Hannibal, and more. You can view the patch notes after the break.

Bandai Namco announced today that the next God Eater 3 update goes live on February 6. Keith Pennywort and Neal Pennywort will both be getting “Traversing the Past” episodes.

Here’s a new trailer for Keith’s episode:

As we previously reported, version 2.30 of God Eater 3 will launch this week, on January 16. The major addition is a new “Traversing the Past” episode focusing on Phym. Today, Bandai Namco released a (Japanese) trailer for this new piece of content:

The next update for God Eater 3 is coming very soon. Version 2.30, which features more background music for the jukebox, an additional episode, and more, is slated for January 16, 2020.

Here are the full details, courtesy of Gematsu

As previously announced, the 2.20 update for God Eater 3 is now available. Head past the break for the full patch notes:

New Features

  • A “New Game Plus” feature has been added, enabling you to carry over your save data and begin anew game.
  • A jukebox has been added, which allows you to change the music within your caravan. (Note: Unlocks after completing the main game.)

Standard Missions

  • Added new missions to the “Extra” section.

Extra Episode

  • Added new episodes to “Traversing the Past” (Lulu and Ricardo).

Certification Missions

  • Added new Certification Missions.

Time Attack Missions

  • Added new Time Attack Missions.

Special Missions

  • Added new missions to the “Challenge to the Hounds” section.

Abandoned God Arcs

  • Added Abandoned God Arcs with new skills. These can be obtained from certain high difficulty missions.

Avatar Additions

  • Added new items for the Accessory A slot:
    • Ear Muffs
    • Knit Hat
    • Small Hat
    • Festive Hat
    • *Certain items must be unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions.
  • Added new items fro the Accessory B slot.
  • Added new outfits:
    • Male:
      • Black Mage Uniform
      • Red Mage Uniform
      • Alchemist Uniform
      • White Mage Uniform
      • Blaze Walker
      • Snow Walker
      • Forest Walker
      • Abyss Walker
    • Female:
      • Black Mage Uniform
      • Red Mage Uniform
      • Alchemist Uniform
      • White Mage Uniform
      • Blaze Walker
      • Snow Walker
      • Forest Walker
      • Abyss Walker

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various issues to provide a better gaming experience.


Bandai Namco is still cranking out support for God Eater 3, and we’ll get a new look as to what’s in store later this month. The company has announced another live stream that will be held on December 27 between 8 PM and 10 PM Japan time.

It can be seen live in the following YouTube video:

Bandai Namco has confirmed that God Eater 3 version 2.20 will be going live on December 9. It will introduce the Lulu and Ricardo chapters of the additional episode “Encounters with the Past,” “New Game Plus” mode, and a “Jukebox” feature to change background music at the base.

Here’s a trailer for Lulu’s chapter of “Encounters with the Past”:


Bandai Namco has issued another trailer for God Eater 3 version 2.10 that highlights the upcoming addition of Zeke’s chapter. You can view it below.

The next major update for God Eater 3, version 2.10, will be available on November 7, Bandai Namco announced today. Here’s what’s new in this update (credit to Gematsu for the translation):

God Eater 3’s big 2.00 update is just a few days away. It will launch on September 19, Bandai Namco has announced.

The 2.00 update is highlighted by the additional episode known as “Encounters with the Past”. It will also include new costumes, the Ash Forged Barbarius Ira Aragami, and more.

For more information about God Eater 2 version 2.00 and other updates, read our previous post here.