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Happy Birthdays

Happy Birthdays

As Happy Birthday lands on Switch today, NIS America has a new launch trailer ready for the game. You can see it below.

Happy Birthdays

NIS America has announced that a demo for Happy Birthdays is now available. In both North America and Europe, you can fnid it on the eShop.

Accompanying today’s news, we have a new “Let’s Get Creatin’!” trailer for Happy Birthdays. We’ve attached the video below.

Happy Birthdays

When Happy Birthdays comes to Switch in just a little over a month, it’ll do so with new content. NIS America outlined what players can expect in this area today.

We have the full rundown below:

A new Happy Birthdays trailer has come in from Japan focusing on high-level play. We’ve included the video below.

Earlier today, a demo for Happy Birthdays was made available on the Japanese Switch eShop. Check out some footage below.

A demo for Happy Birthdays is coming out on March 22nd for Japanese players. Since the Switch isn’t region locked you should have no problems downloading the demo with a Japanese account. The save data can be transferred into the game after the full game is purchased on March 29th.


Today, NIS America announced a release date for Happy Birthdays. The game is slated for June 5 in North America, and June 8 in Europe.

Happy Birthdays was previously released on other platforms, but will have UI and game element improvements on Switch. These include:

Arc System Works has published the first trailer for the Switch version of Happy Birthdays. This trailer is in Japanese, but the game has already been confirmed for a Western release this Summer. Check it out:

NIS America will release Happy Birthdays in the west, the company announced today. The game had previously been revealed for Switch in Japan.

We have the first trailer for Happy Birthdays below plus additional information. The game launches this summer.

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