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Kagasei Shimomura

According to SEGA Ages senior producer Kagasei Shimomura, the overseas reception to the series has been much higher than anticipated. Sonic, Out Run, and Alex Kidd in Miracle World have received an especially big response, particularly in Europe.

Unfortunately, things aren’t going quite as well in Japan. Shimomura and supervisor Yosuke Okunari indicated that sales have been a bit slow and they need to appeal to its Japanese fan base. Shimomura added that SEGA Ages on Switch has been selling less than half as well as the 3DS classics that were developed a few years ago.

With SEGA Ages, while the classic games themselves are exciting to see on Switch, fans have also been very curious about what could lie ahead for the series in the future. We’ve already seen that the team is interested in possibly bringing over Dreamcast games. One thing that hasn’t been brought up, however, is the possibility of releasing titles from the SEGA NAOMI arcade board – until now.

In an interview with Game Watch, M2 president Naoki Horii revealed that the team is researching SEGA NAOMI’s titles for Switch. In fact, there’s one unnamed game in particular that they intend to release due to their own personal interest.

SEGA 3D Fukkoku Archives 3: Final Stage shipped in Japan this week. To mark the game’s launch, Famitsu caught up with developers Yosuke Okunari and Kagasei Shimomura for an interview.

During the short discussion, Okunari and Shimomura explain how they settled on the games to include for the latest collection. The two also commented on the additions of Alien Syndrome and Columns as well as why the two bonus games were chosen. If that wasn’t enough, Shimomura left the door open to returning to SEGA 3D Classics in the future.

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