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Quickfire Games could bring its Harvest Moon-inspired indie project “Wild Season” to the Wii U and 3DS eShops. The studio has already reached out to Nintendo regarding a Wii U Unity version, and there’s some interest in the 3DS as well.

Here’s what the developer wrote on Kickstarter regarding Wild Season’s platforms:

Causal Bit Games hopes to raise a total of $6,000 CAD on Kickstarter within the next six days in order to fund its new project, Insanity’s Blade. A little over $5,000 CAD has been collected thus far.

Depending on how much is raised within the next week, Causal Bit Games may end up bringing Insanity’s Blade to Wii U. A stretch goal lies at $8,000 CAD, which is only $2,000 CAD off the overall target.

You can check out the official Kickstarter page here.

Super World Karts GP is a possibility for the Wii U. Nintendo’s console has been added in as a stretch goal on Kickstarter and if funds exceed $25,000 AUD, creator Paul Hamilton will bring the game to the eShop.

Hamilton will first need to raise enough money for Super World Karts GP itself. Only ten days remain in the Kickstarter campaign, which requires a little more than $10,000 AUD for successful funding. Hamilton will need to collect $16,000 AUD by December 23.

You can check out the Kickstarter page here.


Lobodestroyo reached its $35,000 target goal on Kickstarter during the campaign’s final hours earlier today. As a result, the game will be making its way to Wii U sometime in the future. With the small amount of 3D platformers we see these days, Lobodestroyo will be a welcome addition to the eShop!


Music rhythm adventure game Tadpole Treble has hit its Kickstarter goal and will now be made into a PC game, but its Wii U stretch goal is still about $10K away. The Kickstarter has already ended so donations cannot be given that way, but the team does accept PayPal money, so if you’re truly interested in seeing this game on Wii U then head over here to send them your money.

Kickstarter via Nintendo Enthusiast

Mansion Lord, Golgom Games’ “RPG/business sim” with a murder mystery twist, could find its way to Wii U.

The team is currently seeking $28,000 in funding to make Mansion Lord a reality. If donations exceed $85,000, we’ll be seeing the game on Wii U. This would need to happen by December 19.

You can find the official Kickstarter page here.


Wii U is no longer a separate stretch goal on Lobodestroyo’s Kickstarter. If it hits the main $35,000 target, Lobodestroyo will be a sure thing for the system.

There’s a little under two weeks for the campaign to reach the necessary total. Just over $10,000 has been raised thus far.

You can find the official Lobodestroyo Kickstarter here.


The Girl and the Robot is officially coming to Wii U after reaching a stretch goal on Kickstarter.

$25,000 was needed in order to ensure a release on Nintendo’s console. That figure was reached just a short while ago.

You can find the Kickstarter for The Girl and the Robot here.

Breakfall’s “STARWHAL: Just The Tip,” a game involving narwhal battles in space, is planned for Wii U. The team has opened up a Kickstarter (located here) in order to introduce additional elements.

Breakfall is seeking $15,000 CAD before the December 27 deadline. Over $2,000 CAD has been raised thus far.

Dreadlocks’ cyberpunk 2D RPG “Dex” has been updated on Kickstarter with a Wii U stretch goal. If the campaign reaches £28,000 in total funds by December 12, the game will come to Nintendo’s home console.

Dreadlocks would release Dex on Wii U two to three months after the initial launch on PC, Mac, Linux, and Ouya. All backers eligible for the game download would have the option of choosing the Wii U version.

You can check out the Dex Kickstarter page here.