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Knockout City

Knockout City shut down

Velan Studios announced today that it will shut down Knockout City in just a few months. On June 6, 2023, the servers will be closed and the game will be no longer playable.

Regarding the decision, director Jeremy Russo said it was a “difficult” one to make, “but a necessary and important one for our studio.” An FAQ on the official site further explained that “a lot of our systems supporting long-term player retention are in need of significant changes” which is “virtually impossible to do” as a smaller studio with a limited team size that would also want to introduce new content. “This means stopping development on the Knockout City, and exploring new possibilities in future experiences, whether in Knockout City or a different world,” the FAQ states.

Knockout City free-to-play

Knockout City will soon be going the free-to-play route, Velan Studios announced today. Additionally, the developer intends to take over publishing duties from EA.

Knockout City launched on Switch last year. It has been priced at $19.99, though a Deluxe Edition also goes for $29.99.

Knockout City

Knockout City players on Switch now have access to the game’s latest update. EA and Velan Studios have started distribution of version 1.4.

While the update largely features bug fixes, a new Hero Bonus has been implemented and more. Continue on below for the full patch notes.

Knockout City

Another fairly big update for Knockout City is now live. On Switch, the game has received version 1.3.0.

Today’s update includes fixes, further adjustments, and more. The full patch notes are included below.

Knockout City

Knockout City has received a fairly substantial update across all platforms, including Switch. Version 1.2 is out now.

The update includes tons of fixes, performance improvements, and more. Continue on below for the full patch notes.

Knockout City

EA and Velan Studios have put out an official trailer for the first season of Knockout City. We’ve attached today’s video below.

Knockout City is due out for Switch on May 21.

Knockout City

EA and Velan Studios are giving Knockout City another opportunity to try out the game for free. Starting at launch on May 21, the game can be played for free as part of a special trial. Players can access the full “dodgebrawl” experience, including five multiplayer maps, six special balls, five playlists, and cosmetic styles.

Here’s some additional information:

Knockout City

The Knockout City Cross-Play Beta began today, allowing fans to try out the team-based multiplayer game prior to launch. View some footage in the video below.

The full version of Knockout City is due out on May 21.

Knockout City

EA and Velan Studios have released a new gameplay trailer for Knockout City, a team-based multiplayer game based featuring dodgeball. Have a look at the video below.

Knockout City launches for Switch on May 21. A cross-play beta will be held between April 2 and April 4.

Knockout City

EA and Velan Studios have announced plans to host a cross-platform beta for Knockout City. The team-based multiplayer game can be tried out early between April 2 and April 4. Switch owners will be able to go up against those on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S | X. The BackAlley Brawl map, Sniper Ball, new styles, and 1v1 face-off in the playlist will be featured.

Here’s the official notice:

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