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Lapis li Abyss

With a little over a week until launch in Japan, Nippon Ichi has revealed yet another new trailer for Lapis li Abyss.

The chibi-style action RPG is slated to land on Switch in Japan on November 29. Fans can get a look at all the cute and chaotic action the game will bring in the trailer below.

Nippon Ichi Software just shared the second trailer for its upcoming chibi-style Action RPG Lapis li Abyss. The game arrives on Switch in Japan on November 29. Watch the trailer below.

Tokyo Game Show is currently ongoing, and lots of gameplay footage from upcoming games is popping up. One of them is Lapis li Abyss (or Lapis x Labyrinth, as it is being called for its release in Southeast Asia). This comes to us via a stream from 4Gamer; the relevant footage can be seen between 1:40:25 and 2:12:34:


Nippon Ichi Software has published the first trailer for Lapis li Abyss, the cute “stacking” RPG coming to Nintendo Switch in Japan on November 29th. The video gives a nice overview of the game’s various classes and gameplay features, including combat:


Lapis li Abyss boxart

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Lapis li Abyss, a new action RPG from Nippon Ichi, was announced for Switch in earlier in the week. Take a look at the official boxart above.


Originally announced only for PS4, the Nippon Ichi Software title is reportedly being released on Switch as well. Lapis li Abyss is “a mission selection-type action game. In addition to the eight playable characters, there are over 100 enemy characters.” The game will release on November 9 in Japan for 7,538 yen, which converts to about $68.

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