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Mario Kart 8

We have an updated listing of all confirmed tracks for Mario Kart 8 thus far. Check it out below:

Mushroom Cup

  1. Mario Kart Stadium
  2. Water Park
  3. Sweet Sweet Canyon
  4. Thwomp Ruins

Flower Cup

  1. Mario Circuit
  2. Toad Harbor
  3. Twisted Mansion
  4. Shy Guy Falls

Star Cup

  • Sunshine Airport
  • Electrodome
  • ???
  • ???

Special Cup

  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

Unassigned Tracks

  • Bone Dry Ruins
  • Cloudtop Cruise
  • Dolphin Shoals 

GameSpot has published a series of articles featuring commentary from Mario Kart 8 producer Hideki Konno and director Kosuke Yabuki. During a roundtable session held at GDC last month, the two touched on the game’s graphics, balance, brand new Rainbow Road course, and more. You can find the Q&A roundup below.

This is something that we covered in our Mario Kart 8 press release today, though this nugget deserves a bit of extra attention.

Yep – Mario Kart 8 does in fact feature music recorded by live performers. It’s not for all tracks, but it’s a fantastic addition in any case!

Live recorded music: For the first time in the Mario Kart series, select courses in Mario Kart 8 feature music recorded by live performers.

Remember how Retro Studios contributed to some of the retro tracks in Mario Kart 7? Well, that seems to have been a one time thing. While not absolutely confirmed, a Nintendo representative indicated to NintendoWorldReport that Retro Studios is not involved with Mario Kart 8.


Despite rumors to the contrary, Mario Kart 8 will not include a track editor. Producer Hideki Konno finds the idea interesting, though implementing such functionality would be difficult, he explained during a roundtable held at GDC.

Konno started out by stating that allowing gamers to design Mario Kart 8 tracks is “a fun feature” and something he’s “been interested in for a long time”, he said. “However, with Mario Kart, course creation is key to the series, and it’s really tough.”

Konno added: