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Marvel’s Midnight Suns

2K and Firaxis are giving fans a closer look at the Hunter, Wolverine, and Sabretooth in Marvel’s Midnight Suns today.

The three characters were highlighted in a lengthy gameplay showcase. In it, the Hunter and Wolverine team up against Sabretooth. Aside from showing how gameplay works, it also shows off some of the cinematics.

According to 2K Games and Firaxis, Marvel’s Midnight Suns won’t have any pay-to-win microtransactions.

The upcoming tactical RPG was just unveiled during Gamescom: Opening Night Live 2021 last week. Then a few days ago, we got our first look at gameplay with a new trailer and a length video. However, some fans quickly became concerned that microtransactions and a pay-to-win scenario could be involved based on the footage shown and the use of cards.

First gameplay is in for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, 2K Games and Firaxis’ new tactical RPG. Not only do we have a new trailer, but an extended walkthrough as well.

Here’s an overview of the title:

At Gamescom: Opening Night Live, publisher 2K Games and XCOM developer Firaxis announced Marvel Midnight Suns. It’ll be heading to Switch in March 2022.

According to creative director Jake Solomon, the game will star The Hunter as a brand new hero made in partnership with Marvel, and the character can be full customized in terms of appearance and combat. The title is described as a “tactical RPG set in the darker side of the Marvel Universe, putting you face-to-face against demonic forces of the underworld as you team up with and live among the Midnight Suns, Earth’s last line of defense.” You’ll be tasked with defeating Lilith, who’s out to destroy the world.