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Mineko’s Night Market

Humble Games and Meowza Games have started distribution of a new version 1.0.4 update for Mineko’s Night MarketThe official patch notes have also been released.

There’s a whole lot here, much of which is based on community feedback. There are a bunch of improvements, adjustments, small additions, fixes, and more.

Here’s the full rundown:

Mineko's Night Market review

System: Switch
Release date: September 26, 2023
Developer: Meowza Games
Publisher: Humble Games

Mineko and her father have just moved into a new community. The island town at the base of Mount Fugu used to be full of hustle and bustle, but seems to have fallen from it’s former glory. With the mysterious symbol of worship, the Sun Cat Nikko being sighted, Mineko’s own encounters lead her towards the revival of the town’s iconic Night Market. Gathering items around the island and crafting various things to both sell and fulfill the townsfolks’ various requests is the name of the game with this capitalism simulator – but does Mineko’s Night Market feel like a breakaway from the daily grind, or more like actual work?

Mineko's Night Market gameplay

Mineko’s Night Market has finally arrived after a lengthy wait, and new gameplay is available from the Switch version. More than an hour of footage is here.

If you need a refresher on the title, check out the following overview:

Mineko's Night Market physical

Today, Merge Games announced a partnership with Humble Games to release a physical version of Mineko’s Night Market on Switch at retail. This will be distributed in both North America and Europe.

Mineko’s Night Market is finally closing in on its release date after it was announced five years ago. We have more information about it in the following overview:

Mineko's Night Market release date

Mineko’s Night Market has finally received a release date. The game launches for Switch on September 26, 2023.

Mineko’s Night Market was announced way back in 2018 and was originally slated for that year. A few delays happened along the way, but the title is now almost ready to go.

To recap, here’s some information about the game:

Mineko's Night Market town

Humble Games and Meowza Games are back with another trailer for Mineko’s Night Market. In today’s video, fans can catch a glimpse at life on Mt. Fugu. Here players can pet kitties, craft crafts, master the Night Market, solve puzzles, and uncover mysteries.

For a quick refresher on Mineko’s Night Market, check out the following overview:

Mineko's Night Market Gamescom 2022 trailer

Original (8/26): Quite some time has passed since we last heard about Mineko’s Night Market. The project was confirmed for Switch way back in 2018, but still hasn’t launched.

We did hear the following year that there were delays and setbacks, and that it was simply going to take longer than expected. Fans can now see how things have been going with a brand new trailer that has come out for Gamescom 2022.

Mineko's Night Market

Remember Mineko’s Night Market? The narrative-driven adventure/merchant simulation game was announced during a Nindies Showcase last year. Originally, the team hoped to have it ready sometime in early 2019. That didn’t happen in the end. Yesterday, the team shared a status update.

Meowza Games indicated that it went through a few “setbacks and delays”. Aside from that though, the project has been a mental and physical grind, which forced the team to take “some necessary steps to improve our overall health”. Mineko’s Night Market still remains in the works, but will “take a bit longer than we originally planned”.

Humble and Meowza Games are bringing Mineko’s Night Market to Switch, Nintendo has confirmed. A release is planned for later this year.

Mineko’s Night Market, an adventure / merchant simulation games, takes inspiration from games such as Animal Crossing, but has a bigger emphasis on story, crafting, and exploration. We have some additional information and a video below.

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